Showalter talks A-Rod & chips away at the mass denial in baseball

Are you that surprised about the latest round of steroids news?   Maybe this particular player surprised you, but it was slightly less shocking than finding out your mom was on steroids, wasn’t it?   After all, the player in question was a major leaguer in the 21st century.  It’s sort of like finding out your dad smoked in the 50’s. 

Here’s a great quote from Buck Showalter, courtesy of ESPN News by way of Newsday.

If you remember the climate at that time…general managers and managers and coaches were pretty much there to manage and coach the players. I don’t think anybody was naïve.

There.  That’s what I’ve been looking for since 1998.  Someone finally admits that everyone knew.  You knew.  You the guy reading this, I’m talking to you.  You knew.

You knew McGwire was big, bigger than the players you saw first hand in the 70s and 80s, and you knew he had something in his locker.  It didn’t matter, it was time to round of Joe Buck and Fox and salute the summer of ’98.  Mike Lupica even wrote a book about how great it was.  You knew.  Buck doesn’t think anyone was naiive.    Buck should know a few things about this, a guy named Rafael Palmeiro was also on that Rangers team.

What now, and what long term for A-Rod?   We know this will be a rough spring….fans on the road were well loaded for bear with “A-Fraud” and now they have “A-Roids.”   We knew A-Rod would never be Jeter.  The question now is will he even be Winfield?   Is A-Rod destined to be a guy that plays 15 years in New York but is never quite loved or accepted?   Does time heal all wounds, or as New Yorkers have we decided we just don’t like the guy?

SI article author Selena Roberts spoke to CBS (below) about the A-Rod story and her discussion with Alex at the gym.

She’s dead on about baseball losing The Chosen One.   If you want the home run record to be clean, you will be waiting a long long time

Of active players, Ken Griffey is 151 short at age 38, Jim Thome won’t make it….do you think Manny Ramirez has another 240 homers in him?  Heading down the list – Carlos Delgado?  I don’t see it.   Could Vlad Guerrero (392 and age 32) be the King?  Albert Pujols (319 at age 28).  It’s just my opinion based upon my own eyes but I think Albert works out an awful lot, you know?

The smart money, and the local newspaper columnists like Lupica feel A-Rod should come clean.  Today.  It worked for Pettitte.   Sometimes you just have to man up.  Today is one of those days.