For $27 Million You Might Do Steroids Too

You’re good at your job.   What if I could give you some medicine that would make you the best ever?  All you need to do is drink this every day.

You’ll be so good you’ll make more money than you could ever need.  Never mind life-changing money, this is dynasty changing money.  No, not the Yankees, your dynasty.

For over $27 million dollars a year you can drink my magic potion and be the best.  73 grand a day my friend.

Want to buy your old high school buddy a new car?  Done.  Pay cash.  40 grand to spend in cash left over.

You could take care of your parents.  You could buy them a mansion with a week’s worth of money.   Cash.

Your kids and their kids and their kids?  They will never want for a single thing unless they take investing advice from the Wilpons.

You might do it.  You could be the best.  Sure everyone will still like the charismatic guy at the office a little better than you, but you could ditch your wife and bang Madonna!  You could have it all!

I used to get mad at the steroids.  The damage is long since done.  You chose to ignore it when it was two smiling guys in 1998.   You kinda got annoyed that a surly black man decided to become king in 2001 and again in 2007.   You cried hysterically when Rajah returned to the Bronx, as if he weren’t some sort of mercenary Red Sock.   You ignored it all.  Why not ignore this one too?

The damage is done, the records are ruined.  73 is 73 now, and A-Rod is A-Rod.  Let him hit his 800 homers.  You can sit home and watch old Roger Maris highlights while the Yankees draw 4 million every year.

I’m sorry A-Rod doesn’t smile as nice as you’d like or give the right quotes.   He’s one of the best players in the game right now.   A-Fraud?  You’re the one who cheered him when he stepped into the batters box.  Why stop now?   At least he’s admitted he was wrong, how about you?   For 27 million dollars a year you might do steroids too.

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  1. it seems to be all about competition, winning at all costs, so it’s hard to blame players that shoot up;

    is their job to be sports stars or is it to “play the game?”

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