Most Popular Articles On Mets Police Last Week

A surprise #1 this week:  The new name for the Formerly Shea Subway Stop.

People still love pics – but it surprised me that the 150 Pics of New Yankee Stadium  were more popular than the 300 Pics of New Yankee Stadium or the Tons of Pics of Citi Field.   Curious what the signage looks like at the gates at Citi – click here and while not new, people are still curious about the Obstructed Views at Citi.  I won’t get to see Yankee because The Yankees Won’t Sell Me Tickets.

You caught that The Rock admitted to taking steroids , didn’t you?

Will you watch Football at Citi Field?  I like alt-football leagues but this one is doomed.

Nobody cared about this one but I’m a little concerned about seeing your Willie Randolph, so check out this video of the divider-less urinals at Citi.   (ha I started to type “Shea” after the word “at” – way to go brain!)  Eyes forward everyone.

I also thought that K-Rod’s media meltdown  went underreported.   This is a bad sign to me.

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  1. Cool. Added you to blogroll. Watching American Idol with Mrs. Mets Police – will read your stuff tomorrow.

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