All-Irish Mets Team

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Shea Stadium – lets welcome Bob Murphy to the microphone (Tim McCarver is up in the TV booth) to introduce the Irish Mets – a list of Mets who have at-least Irish-sounding names.   Feel free to hit comments to add suggestions, nitpick heritage, or bitch.  Bob, take it away…(no I’m not going to attempt to write in Murph-cadence)

First let’s meet the pitchers:

Our starters:   Nolan Ryan, Tim Leary, Terry Leach and Jim McAndrew

The bullpen:   Tug McGraw & Roger McDowell

Behind the plate:  Mike Fitzgerald

Third base:  He played 38 games there in 1990, please welcome back our old friend Tom O’Malley

Shortstop:  Roy McMillan

Second base:  Doug Flynn

First base:   Joe McEwing who can play anywhere is going to have to play here.  (I wanted to nominate the big redhead Rusty Staub but was overruled by the Mets Police Emerald Society).

In left:  Daniel Murphy

In Center:  Kevin McReynolds (33 games there in 1991)

The Right Fielder:  Dave Gallagher

Pete Flynn will take care of the grounds, and to manage this not-so-impressive lineup, we considered having a player-manager at SS, but we decided to go un-Wilpon and not forget the New York Giants so John McGraw will be our choice.

So the idea for this post was better than the names.  Open to suggestions…