5 Reasons Friday’s Game At Citi Field Won’t Be An Early Rain Out

1.  The Mets actually want you to see the ballpark.
No Mets Police cattiness here.  They are proud of their ballpark and want us to enjoy it.   They’ll try their best to get the game in.
2.  The forecast isn’t that hideous.
It’s not good, but it’s not a hurricane.  With a little luck we get a window.
5pm:  Definite light rain
8pm:  Likely light rain.
My prediction, we all sit under umbrellas until 8:30 and then get sent home.  They don’t like to start games in the rain.
3. $18 to park.
I don’t know how many parking spots there are, but if they call the game early then don’t bank $18 per car.   Free money.
4.  $6 beer and the Shake Shack
What do you do when there’s nothing happening on the grass…you walk around and eat and drink. 
5.  Yankees Poker
If the Mets call the game mid-day and the weather gods let the Yankees get their game in…..jerky fat bloggers like me pile on.
I have tickets.  I’d rather head out there and get soaked than get buzzkilled at 2:30 in the afternoon.   On a Tuesday in July I will have the opposite opinion (call games early so as to be nice to fans) but for Friday – open those gates!

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  1. what if the game is rained out I have tickets for saturday. I cant go on sunday so will they push it back?

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