The Wonderfulness of The Great Unknown At Citi Field

So I’m going with Cyclones Fan to the game on Friday.   I have the tickets.  I have to tell him where to meet and…..
….I’m stumped!
Where do we meet?

I know I suggested in the New Traditions article (you can find that in the links on the right side of the blog) that we meet at the Classic Apple – but not having been to Citi Field, I don’t know if we can actually get to it to meet there.

My brain wants to meet at “Gate E” but that’s gone.  Do we meet at the “right field gate?”  Would that be a good or annoying spot?
I love the unknown!  We’ll never feel this way again…or at least we won’t until the Mets move to Mercury in 2021.
More unknowns:  My seats are in the 520s.  Is that good?   Row 3?  Is that good?   Seats in the 20s…am I at the end of a row, or the middle or what?   Can I see the scoreboard?   Is the quickest way to the subway from left field going around the home plate side or the outfield side?
Fun stuff, can’t wait!

3 Replies to “The Wonderfulness of The Great Unknown At Citi Field”

  1. Best spot is to meet at the Rotunda or a gate. If 1 of you is taking the train then do the rotunda. If both are driving I would suggest the Left Field Gate it is hard to miss as there are huge pictures of great Met moments but it also has the silhouette of Endy making the catch

  2. Unless you are talking about meeting inside the stadium, in which the apple is a decent spot but will probably crowded. The Rotunda probably still would be the way to go

  3. Seems like Rotunda it is! Cyclones Fan meet me at the Rotunda at 5. I’ll be the guy with the Mets hat.

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