Mets Blog: Celebrity Fans On The Scoreboard

This is my favorite post of the day:  Mets Blog: Celebrity Fans On The Scoreboard

Matt from Mets Blog makes some Mets Police-like observations about the dopey celebrity Lets Go Mets videos:

In most every case, it was awkward and felt forced, and never really inspired the crowd.

I want the Mets to win, score runs, etc., on my own, because I am a fan; I don’t need a comedian or movie star to tell me when to cheer or be inspired..

And Matt’s suggestion…

I’d rather see Vito and the Citi Field audio-visual team hit up some average fan in the stands, live, and get that person to rally a cheer on the screen, assuming this has to take place at all

And the most important part is that last point….”assuming this has to take place at all.”

It doesn’t.  The Mets have gotten addicted to noise (Everybody Clap Your Hands clapclapclapclapclapclapclap.)

Get some hits, play some organ music, we’ll handle the rest.  We know when to start a “Lets Go Mets” chant, we don’t need someone to tell us.

Matt if that Mets Blog doesn’t work out for you, we’ll be happy to have you over here.  Great stuff today!