Even The Mets Acknowledge Black Cap is Bad

Caught this on Uni Watch. The Mets are tracking their performance by what they wear. Check out this picture showing the numbers on the scoreboard at New Shea.

Through the first 67 games, here is how it breaks out for caps:

The Mets Police preferred blue cap: 9-5 (wow, that’s only 20% of the games played)
The despised all-black caps: 7-7
The hideous blue brim/black cap: 17-21
The 1-day MLB promoted red cap: 1-0

Forgetting for a moment the Memorial Day cap, the Mets have a winning record only when they wear the traditional blue caps!

As for the uniforms:
Pinstripes: 2-3 (really? Only 5 times this year?)
All White: 14-8
Home Black: 4-1
Road Black: 3-6 (I derived these from the overall black uni record of 7-7)
Road Gray: 12-14

Wish I could report that the black jerseys were bad at home. Of course this is a small sample… (yeah I’m looking for a reason to discount that winning record).


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  1. The good thing about small samples is you can make them say whatever you like. Lets say an error margin of oh, say, 3 games. All White jerseys still have that winning percentage; Home Black could only be breaking even.

    Glad the Mets are aware of the records playing with different uniforms, but I hope to God they don't base their future decisions on the back of them… just in case.

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