Keep The Throwbacks, Win The Wild Card!

Mets Police followers know I love the NY Giants and thought the throwbacks looked great.  

The Mets are playing .667 ball in Giants throwbacks.

.667 would get them 30 more wins – an 85 win season.

Colorado, the wild card leader, is only on pace to win 88 games.

It’s as if it is meant to be.  We can find three games somewhere.

Oh and Wright is on the DL.  Someone place Santana in bubble wrap before an asteroid lands on him.

They are not scheduled to wear throwbacks tomorrow.

I have a gallery of the throwbacks already scheduled for next weekend.

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2 Replies to “Keep The Throwbacks, Win The Wild Card!”

  1. Honestly, I'm growing a little tired of "throwbacks" & "retros" With this being the week of honoring the 40th anniversary of the Mets first title, how about some damn pinstripes and showing some blue socks (stirups ain't happening) for the whole damn homestand. No "Ice Cream Man" whites, no black shirts, no two-tone caps.

    Does anyone have an actual count of how many times the Mets have worn their "official" home uniform this year? Not including the whites and black shirts, I bet they have worn some type of "retro" or "throwback" or "recognition" uni damn near as many times.

    How about we honor some Mets traditions,\ while we honor our past.

  2. The superstition attached to team uniforms is silly and ridiculous. Not to mention baseless. So what if the Mets lose in their original pinstripes more than they do in those embarrassing black jerseys. And so what if they win in these Giants-esque retro jerseys. It's meaningless.

    I say put the Mets in their original pinstripes at home and greys on the road. Blue hats at all times. Forget the superstition, care about the tradition!

    Aren't we grown ups?

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