How bad are the Mets ticket sales?

I’m wondering more and more about the Mets 2010 ticket sales.

I have no actual facts, and I don’t claim anything here is correct, but I’m thinking about some things…

Here’s a story from Chicago Mets Fan.  She lives in Chicago.  Chicago.

I got a call earlier today from Mike in the Mets ticket office wanting to talk about my opening day options at Citi Field.

He proceeded to ask if I plan to make any games this year and I said yes, but that I wasn’t sure which ones because of other things coming up this spring and summer. I did say the August 1st game is appealing for the Mets Hall of Fame inductions, but that I’ll see if I can make the trip. He took that opportunity to try and sell a 15 pack that included tickets to that game, which he even said probably isn’t the best option for me since I live out of town.

I then took the opportunity to clear up my mailing address. Even though when I login online and see my Chicago information, they still have my New York information attached to my account (in addition to the Chicago info).

I don’t sell tickets.  However, I am going to guess that like many salesmen, Mets ticket agents have some sort of incentive to sell more tickets.  Maybe they get a bonus, or a gold star, or a parking spot.  Regardless, someone tried to sell a 15 game pack to someone who is in the database as living in Chicago.

That story is harmless enough but then I started thinking about the Christmas gifts many of us got from the Mets this week.  If it were one or two of us, hey stuff happens and the guy from Mets Police is busting chops again.  However, it seems to be many of us.

Here’s what I think happened.  They had a figure for 2009 sales.  They aren’t incompetent so they made a downward estimate for 2010.  Someone said, hey let’s send everyone who renews a nice gift.  You’ll recall the initial renew-or-die cutoff was in mid-December.   I’m thinking the plan was to drop these in the mail around December 18th.

Many of us didn’t renew.  They pushed the deadline to the 31st.  Many of us didn’t renew.

Now it’s around January 15th and someone asks how the ticket sales are going.  Must be going gangbusters now that we have retro jerseys and Jason Bay, right?   The report isn’t so good.

Someone remembers that there’s all these extra framed photos of Citi Field sitting around in boxes waiting to be shipped.   Someone decided to mail the ticket list.  Send the Mets fans a nice gift, maybe they’ll remember how much they love the Mets and buy tickets.  Good plan actually.

My guess is either someone forgot that every box had a season’s greetings letter in it, or just decided it wasn’t worth the effort/cost of reboxing them.  Screw it, send them out.

Like I said at the top, everything here is a total fabrication of my brain.  For all I know, the Mets are 99% sold out.  I’m just wondering what the actual number is.

Oh, Mets ticket office – my idea for a Seven Game Pack is a really good one.  Feel free to use it.

Housekeeping stuff:  I’m starting to think that the Mets will win the World Series before blogger releases my domain name to my new host.  I keep dropping hints about the new design not because the new design is so amazin’ (it will need some work, but it will work better, and I assume most of you come here for the words not the pictures or header image) but because I just want to warn everyone in case the site goes down for an hour while I’m in a meeting with Real Job Boss.

Tomorrow: more pictures from the rally, a really unnecessarily expensive toy Mets car and hopefully a whole new look.  I’m starting to think the Mets will retire Keith Hernandez’ number before blogger releases my domain name to my new host.  I’m starting to think there’ll be a Tom Seaver statue before blogger releases my domain name to my new host.  I’m starting to think the Mets will Ditch the Black before blogger releases my domain name to my new host.   Seriously, the new design is nice enough but you won’t be blown away, so again this is more of a warning than a tease that you’ll be amazed.  I’m starting to think the Mets will sign a pitcher before blogger releases my domain name to my new host.

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