Meet the Mets Bloggers: The Real Dirty Mets Blog

Another installment of Meet the Mets Bloggers

1. Who are you and what’s the name of your blog?

Eric King (TRS86) The Real Dirty Mets (We have about 15 very dedicated authors)

2. What kind of things can we find on your site?

A constant flow of breaking Mets news and fresh opinions, courtesy of an incredibly dedicated writing staff of 15 authors who have various personalities and traits.  The Real Dirty Mets authors strive to use facts and statistics to back up their opinions and almost every post is sprinkled with a bit of light humor. TRDM also features the only blogging Mets meteorologist, making TRDMB the hot-spot for all Mets-related weather information. Along with dedicated authors, TRDM features a smorgasbord of dedicated and knowledgeable commentors who discuss and debate the latest Mets hot topics. The site is built upon TRDM motto: By the Fans For the Fans.

3. Expectations for 2010?

I think David Wright said it best: ““We feel like we’re going to go out there and win the National League East and go deep in the playoffs and win the World Series”

Now obviously that response is not very rational. My rational side thinks that it will be a very competitive division where the Mets will have to play very well to achieve their goals. I do believe that the WC winner will come out of the East this season and while on paper the Mets do not compare well to the Phillies I believe they do compare very well to teams like the Braves, Marlins, Giants, Cubs, Rockies or whoever those 2nd place teams in each division are. So my expectation is for the Mets to be in the same position they were in 2007 and 2008 with a chance to reverse those fortunes.

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  1. And don’t forget , we’ve got a very active comment section for discussion all day long and an in game chat room

  2. Well the comments section is just that, a comment sections, but there are always a couple of us checking it fairly regularly, especially during the day, discussing all manor of things and there is no moderation or any of that type of thing.

  3. They/we’ve got a IRC chat room that some hang out in for a more ‘instant’ type chat during games as well. Which, in my opinion, has mostly been replaced by Twitter, but is still there and we’ll see wht use it gets this year.

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