Off to buy the ’83 Seaver jersey!

Good morning.   I think I am going to go buy the Seaver jersey today.  It seems as if it’s relatively hard to find, and it is cool, and I have some extra bucks in my pocket because folks are clicking on the Stubhub links over on the side again.  It’s a little mini-Mets economy: the Mets sell tickets, someone re-sells tickets, I get a small commission on the re-sale, I buy a Mets jersey, Majestic makes some cash, which they give to MLB, which they give to the Mets.

As for the ticket invoice we’re discussing on the comments:  Yes it is a real invoice, I’ve seen the entire thing.   People send me things ( and not everyone wants their name or their seats posted.  I’mbuying into Media Goon’s theory that perhaps there is a mistake on the invoice that doesn’t match the actual charges.   Regardless I think we’ve all decided that the answer to “are these fees excessive”  is yes.  It’s a nice warm Saturday – I’m going to give my white pinless and my new franchise cap an outing and throw some baseballs for Junior to hit.

Today: Dan has a nice piece about customized jerseys, and we’ll meet the Mets bloggers.   The Maple Street Annual is out, I loved it and not just because I’m mentioned in it.   I have some Acela Club news but I want to balance the “this guy loves the Mets” with the “complaining” so you’re gonna have to wait.