Thank you

Thank you for reading Mets Police.

Yesterday was the biggest readership day in the two years I’ve been doing this.

This site is nothing without support.  If you have sent something in, thanks.  If you participate in the comments, thanks.

Yesterday several hundred people signed up to get Mets Police via a free daily email which is great because it means our community of Mets fans gets that much bigger.

I appreciate all the tips that come in, even if we cause a Shake Shack scare every now and then (please note that David Lennon quoted Jeff Wilpon on that one – someone reads all this).

As a community of fans who love our team, I’d like to think that we collectively (you, me, and all the other Mets blog) help influence things like the Apple moving.  Maybe we get the Sid Fernandez brick changed.   I understand we’d all take a World Series over any of those things, but I don’t think there’s any reason why the Mets can’t win and have the bricks right.

Finally, I would like to thank Matt Cerrone of Metsblog. It’s the links from Metsblog that introduce people to my site, and Matt’s two links yesterday sent over 5,000 people this way.

I can be reached at   I’m always happy to chat with a Mets fan on the side.  Ideas for articles are great.  If you’re interested in writing for the site (especially you regulars) let me know.

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