What if: Citi Field with an orange fence

Ceetar sent this over and asked why we always want a blue fence…what about orange?

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  1. No way man. That is hideous. You know the only reason i think they went with black is because it meshes better with huge area of chain link fence going from right field to right center. Even with the blue fence, that gap takes away from the color amd uniformity. I think we are stuck with black.

  2. What if: Mets fans stopped worrying about nonsensical fence colors?

    Shea Stadium had a green fence from 1964 – 1980. It also had ugly mu

    More teams DON’T have a team colored fence than do.

  3. Corey, this is tongue in cheek 😉

    Not only is it hideous, the brightness makes it hard to read the distance numbers and there is probably a batters eye issue.

  4. I knew it was a joke but I was reading Mets Blog and people are complaining about wanting a blue fence, same goes for the Baseball Fever people.

  5. When it comes down to it, a blue fence wouldnt look good in the stadium. This is based on decor. Green seats wont go with a blue wall. Listen. The organization is trying harder this season to give the Mets more of an identity in the place. When it comes down to it, winning cures everything. If they win and go far, the walls can be hot pink for all i care. Just knock some balls over that black wall.

    1. I found the black walls interesting when I first walked in. I’m sure I would have flagged it had I been in the planning committee, and I will stand by the believers in blue since I tend to say mean things about black uniforms, but I don’t find myself sitting at games yelling “those gosh darn walls are black!”

      Write 2010 World Champions on the wall in orange and it will look great.

  6. A few days back I posted that despite that I would like blue walls, dont think it would look that good there. However the black is not that better of a option. In my opinion use that dark steel blue color that is used in ads and signs now and kinda of the color of the beams in the stadium. With the orange line it fits into stadium. The black is just too depressing and with orange looks like for the O’s or SF Giants.

  7. Ceetar can you do that pic with that dark steel blue the team now uses? Be great to see that.

  8. Jesse: I’m at work now, and likely to forget. Find me a picture with the example color somewhere and email it to me at gmail (you only get one guess as to my email addy, but you should only need one), and I will.

  9. why doesnt management bring the fences into the same dimentions as shea also w/ a round shaped fence same height all around, instead of the quirky indentations in right field and under the mo zone?

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