They believe in the Orange and Blue…

…of course except the girl on the left.

Y’all might want to align your marketing slogan with the actual images. If you want to sell black jerseys just slap Davis 29 on the back.

Batting practice on the field (link)
Friday's New York Mets Ski Cap Giveaway

8 Replies to “They believe in the Orange and Blue…”

  1. that dark blue in the ad in the background is the blue they should use on outfield wall. With orange lines, I could live with that, in fact I think it would look great. Unlike the black OF wall, oh excuse me the “soot black”. lol.

    1. I like the black jersey more than I like the BP jersey with the “inverted colors” (black numbering/lettering/logos).

      what an ad with NO proper Mets color schemes. the one on the right might as well have been wearing the snow white t-shirt with the mid 90s all white cap.

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