Fan mockup of a cream colored pinless Mets jersey

Do it yourself day continues…Michael sent this in.

Now I want someone to airbrush the buttons so I can pretend to have a 1978 creme pinless pullover.

7 Replies to “Fan mockup of a cream colored pinless Mets jersey”

  1. nice work! so it’s essentially the NY throwback from last year but adding the blue skyline patch, Mets script and name on back. i dig it.

  2. I love this mockup, sans the Mr. Met on the sleeve. Reminds me too much of the Reds, with their Mr. Red(legs) they have on the sleeve.

  3. I like it but my only issue is these mockups look incredibly similar to the Phillie alternate jerseys.

    I do like Mr. Met on the sleeve personally.

  4. I think I’d like it better if they had a “NY” logo on the sleeve instead of either (or both)Mr. Met or the Skyline patch. Mets on the sleeve seems, to me, redundant when it is also across your chest.

  5. If you aren’t going to have pinstriped uni’s sans the black backdrop than this version is perfect! I love it. Are you reading David Howard and Charlie Samuel?

  6. How about if you change the front number to orange kind of like how the Dodgers have red front numbers to create a look similar to that of the team that once was in Brooklyn. Also, I would maybe get rid of the neck piping.

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