Do Jeter commercials on SNY bother you?

An email from Jeff:

Every time I think they’re starting to figure it out, the folks at SNY drop a Derek Jeter regional Ford Ad on the fanbase.  I caught this for the first time this season last night.  (It may have happened sooner, I had to watch the SF feed over the weekend).  As an influential website charged with the task of protecting the Mets from themselves, I would assume you have strong feelings on the matter.

Hmmm.  I really don’t.  If I am SNY I am in the business of making money.  At a personal level I don’t worry about the Yankees too much.   I will root against them for 6 games this season (and maybe even 10 to 13 if we are all so lucky) but in a random game against the Tigers, I hope they win.   Yankee games in October are programming for me.  I loved 2000 when there was playoff baseball on TV every night for a month.

I can’t even remember what product Jeter is selling.  Cars Something I think.   If the Car Company offered me money to have a Jeter ad on Mets Police…wow that’s tough….I probably wouldn’t do it for little bucks, but for a decent amount I bet I would.

Back to being a viewer – I’d rather Jeter than some of the very annoying car commercials I hear in my travels (the LOUD SCREAMING ONE and the other one where the man thinks his dirty jokes are funny).

What does everyone else think?

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  1. I don’t think they are a big deal. SNY needs ad money and I don’t think it matters who they get it from. At the same time, I wonder how effective those ads are going to be on a purely Mets audience. Maybe Ford should shoot some shots with David Wright too.

  2. The Jeter ads annoy me, but I don’t blame SNY.

    Ford should really have a better idea about how to market their cars – Jeter ads don’t seem like they’d help much with Mets fans, so why not run them somewhere else where they’d be more likely to create a positive association with your brand?

  3. Yes , the Jeter Commercials really bug me. It would still bug even if he was doing not for profit commercials for P.E.T.A. Just the site of Jeter bugs me.
    Besides he is such a bad actor in the ads, that it makes it even worse.
    Note to Jeter.. When you are through with baseball , do NOT get into acting!

  4. Did you guys mind when gatorade had Michael Jordan on gatorade and nike commercials on MSG when the Bulls played the Knicks? How about Wayne Gretzky when he played for the Kings while he did his commercials for his sneakers while the Rangers played? Better question. Do you get mad when an actor or an actress from another show in the same timeslot is played during your favorite show? I have worked on tv commercials for years. Its all about who will give you more bang for you buck ratings wise.

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