Howie: spiritual leader of the Blue Cap Army

I had switched over to TV in the tenth. I didn’t hear this but Hooray for Howie!

On the other hand it further confuses me on who is picking the uniforms? I had come to finally believe it was the pitcher. Maybe Howie was just goofing on Charlie’s preferences?

I’m proud of Howie.

Here’s a note from Chris:

Did you happen to hear the home run call by Howie Rose last night? After calling Ike Davis, Howie Rose got very pumped up and actually screamed out “The power of the pin stripes! Take that Charlie Samuels!”. I hadn’t seen anyone mention anything on their blogs this morning but I thought it was great. They just replayed it on the Joe and Evan show as the turning point of the game.

-Chris P.

4 Replies to “Howie: spiritual leader of the Blue Cap Army”

  1. I had always heard Charlie samuels picked the day of game uniform. He used to pick it based on win streaks but the way they’ve worn uniforms te last few years, that theory holds no water.

  2. i had always thought charlie picked them too, but then my conversation with the mets led me to believe some players had some influence.

    whatever the case, this is awesome. i love howie!

  3. On the tour of citi field, when you into the locker room the tour guide tells you that its the starting pitcher who picks the uni, and not charlie samuels.

    1. There are probably a couple of pitchers that really don’t care though, and it’s possible in that case that Samuels just picks one.

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