Have any former ticket holders been invited out to Citi Field by the Mets?

I received the email below, which I have slightly edited out particular details so as not to jam up anyone in the ticket office.   I have not verified that the conversation actually happened, but I trust the source.

As always, I’ll remind you the Mets Police is not 60 Minutes, it’s a fat guy on a deck, and you can decide for yourself whether or not you find the site to be accurate.

Shannon, don’t know if you’ve gotten a heads up on this yet but I received a call from (someone) in the Mets ticket office inviting me and a guest to the game on Tuesday July 6. Additionally, they are including a pre-party at McFadden’s from 5-7. I’m paraphrasing… but as a former season ticket holder who chose not to renew, they wanted to invite me to a game and pre-party.’

Now, I’ve never been to a timeshare pitch meeting but I’m thinking this will be the Mets version. Still 2 free tickets to see the 1st place Reds and a pre-party all just to listen? All time shares should have such an outstanding offer.

That’s interesting, and smart.   Sure we can roll our eyes and be righteous about our off-season ticket sale predictions, but this is a smart pro-active move by the Mets.  Those Reds tickets might otherwise go unused, so why not invite a former customer out for some drinks and a game.  Maybe he falls in love with the team again.

Remember back in May David Howard mentioned that some ex-customers were invited to the Subway Series.

Have any other former ticket holders been wooed?

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  1. I was invited yesterday. Received 3 dates to choose from before they would give me more details.

  2. there is only one way in which I would begin to reconsider buying tickets. Give me back my Caeser’s club silver tix first row section 326 for $50 each and then I’d do it, but that ain’t happening…

    or give me my left field landing seats for $10 a pop and I’m in.

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