Stars and stripes and black. Really?

Come on.

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  1. Hopefully they’ll wear the road greys today. The stars & stripes caps didn’t go very well with the Nationals red alternate jersey, either.

    1. No they didn’t. When i put the game on the nats were fielding and I was wondering what the heck they were wearing? Then i saw the Mets and yikes!,

      There’s gotta be a way to raise money while not looking silly

  2. Well, personally speaking because I own all 3 Stars and Stripes hats (Besides being extremely patriotic, I own all the hats the Mets would wear in a game, even the hybrid cap) I must say that this hat is horrible, but there isn’t much else they can do. They went blue in ’08, red in’09. My friends and I all assumed they would come out with some sort of white hat. One thing I will say though is that the Cubs hat looks even more rediculous on them because they wound up with a red brim. How MLB or New Era decided that is beyond me. I know they have red in their colors, but blue is the primary color. It just looks really awkward. All that being said, I think the Nationals current alternate cap would make a nice model for next years version of the Stars and Stripes caps.

    1. There’s plenty they could do. Take the basic/main home and road caps, and just integrate the stars and stripes, rather than design a weird cap that doesn’t match. Or stop being lazy and give the teams a choice of red, blue, or white.

  3. I don’t care what they look like, can’t change them now. I just hope every single one sold was done on, so they have to pony up the extra dollar to “Welcome Back Veterans”

    For the life of me, I don’t understand why the Nationals just don’t wear their alternate S&S “DC” jersey with the damn hat.

    I expect everyone to wear the S&S caps Monday too, final day of the 4-Day. While I think the “Ice Cream” look for the Mets would be sill, it’s better than the other 2 choices.

    Oh yeah, the Mets have now worn the Black jersey the first Friday of each month of the season, home or road. Winning each time (I know Shannon, I know).

  4. I guess there are some positives to not having cable and getting most of my games on the radio!!

  5. HATE BLACK…NOT A METS COLOR…Keep up the good fight Chief…and may Howie Rose help all he can.

  6. how did the yankees get away without wearing those hideous white caps? I hate when the Mets have to wear those things.

    Also … black is not a Mets a color!

      1. They weren’t worn by either team during Friday’s Blue Jays @ Yankees. Both teams wore them for Saturday and Sundays games. So, maybe Friday was an optional day.

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