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Well I have finally made it to the outdoors portion of Mets Police HQ.   The thermometer says it is 95 in the shade, and I’m baking in the sun as I like to do.   I think me, the raft and some Coronas have a pool date after I do my noon-time internet rounds.

Here’s a puzzler.

Remember the last two weeks the Mets advertised “Better Seats, Lower Prices” or whatever the proper phrasing was?  This was the ad campaign at the stadium, on TV and over email that encouraged you to buy tickets directly from the Mets?  I took the campaign to mean that the Mets wanted us to believe buying directly from them was better.

OK, might make sense… why does this get emailed to me from

If the Mets have better seats and lower prices why are they sending me to Stubhub?

Perhaps it is the exceptional service Stubhub is said to provide.  Perhaps you go to for great seats and prices, but only “really good” service, but if you’d like exceptional service with ok seats and slightly higher prices you go to Stubhub.

I’m not smart enough to figure this one out.

Someone will likely let me know that “all the teams do this” – that’s no defense.  Nearly half the teams don’t let their pitcher bat, it doesn’t make it any less stupid.

Maybe some day someone will figure out how to combine prices,location AND service – then we’ll be on to something.

Man, I worked up a sweat just typing this.  My small palm tree on the other hand is quite happy.

6 Replies to “Mets Stubhub Ad”

  1. Stub Hub gives you choices & great service, the ticket windows at CitiField give you great value, and ticketing gives you a bunch of excessive fees. 🙂

  2. They probably figure that if people in the good seats aren’t going to a game and want to sell their tickets, someone could buy pretty good seats at face value or less. So although the Mets aren’t gaining anymore ticket revenue for that seat, they will still get a body in the seat, patronizing the concessions, and it looks better on TV when those seats are filled.

  3. I get both Mets & Yankee e-mails, and you get very similar stuff from both teams, one right after the other. I’m pretty sure all this stuff is handled by MLB. Remember years ago all the teams gave MLB control over internet stuff, that’s why the websites are consistent.

    But I agree with Paul – the fees the mets charge (a surcharge to print at home!!!) are too much…and they don’t tell you in advance. Stubhub at least has them in the help.

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