This week: Pyrotechnics (Fireworks), wine, bags, Mets Bobbleheads and more

I’m back from the Unnamed Donut Chain and quite surprisingly they have introduced several new flavors of a tropical theme.  I would tell you about them and which one I really liked but that’s what the advertising space on the side is for 😉

Anyways…here’s what the Mets are up to this week:

Tonight is Pyrotechnics Night…which is like Fireworks Night but better.

I believe Saturday to be Jose Reyes drawstring bag day, but the Mets didn’t mention that in this morning’s email.  Perhaps lots of tickets have been sold.

Sunday is Jason Bay Bobblehead day.  Don’t forget the Mets Police Tip: enter through the Bullpen Gate on 126th street, premiums seem to last longer out there.  Another good strategy is to wait until around noon Sunday and call Media Goon who always seems to be looking for someone to go with him to his Sunday seats.

There’s also a wine tasting event on Wednesday night, but I’ll chat more about that later.  Right now Mrs. Mets police is on my back to hook up the printer.   You are probably asking yourself why the printer is disconnected in the first place.  I am too.

One Reply to “This week: Pyrotechnics (Fireworks), wine, bags, Mets Bobbleheads and more”

  1. I’m looking forward to the Reyes drawstring bag giveaway, so hopefully there haven’t been any snags with the promotion. I’m still slightly annoyed I missed the Santana one last year every time I see somebody carrying it.

    I haven’t quite decided if I want the Jason Bay bobblehead enough to try to go to back-to-back games.

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