While you were eating hot dogs and watching fireworks, Mets stuff happened (recap)

OK slackers, as predicted everyone blew off the internet all weekend, but now we’re all back to the grind so it’s time to goof off at work by reading Mets Police articles.  Here’s what you missed:

The Post wrote an interesting article about the financials in Flushing.  Might the team be sold?

After two weeks of Better Seats Lower Prices the Mets sent out a Stubhub ad.

I know I’m getting old when even Cerrone says The Fireworks Game was before his time.  Read about the game here and here.

The Mets wore Stars & Stripes caps and looked like idiots in black.  Here’s the win-loss-attire breakdown for June.

ESPN’s Ultimate Franchise survey lists the Mets last among baseball teams.

You can buy Mets 2010 World Series tickets right now.  From MLB.  Really.

The Mets are inviting out former ticket holders.

Yes, Bobby Bonilla will be paid by the Mets until 2035.

I’m working on “70’s week” for next week.   If you have a Mets blog with some 70’s themed content you wouldn’t mind lending me…hit me up at shannon@metspolice.com

That should give you enough reading to make it through.   Stupid work.  If you subscribe via email you won’t miss any of this awesome content.  How could you go on without knowing what the Mets wore or when Bobblehead Day is.