Show Up for the Hall of Fame ceremony or Shut Up!

Chris fired me up.   I have spent the better part of three years giving the Mets grief….they responded…and now you guys are going to leave empty seats next weekend?


Here’s Chris:


Just wanted to say that our fan base is pathetic and ridiculously hypocritical. Last year all I heard from people was about about how The Wilpon’s didn’t honor their history enough at CitiField in 2009(which was true). People were worried about more murals and posters and memories of history for months! They blogged, emailed the newspapers and called the FAN . It went on so long I couldnt believe it.

But next Sunday there are still thousands of tickets available. Not just the crazy over priced ones(which I could understand ) but Uppers ! The cheapest tickets in the house aren’t even sold out. People wanted pictures and plaques and autographs on walls but here is a day our history and past heroes are honored IN PERSON and its not sold out. People complained on the FAN about Old Timers Day and Dave Howard had to defend that. Well,here it is, our heroes of the past in the building , on the field being honored and its not sold out. I’m not even taking into account the “I See Dead People” actions of the team since the break..It has nothing to do with some walk up day of game sales they lose when the team isnt playing well. This should have been sold out right after they announced it. I’ve been a Mets fan since birth and will always be but there is something seriously wrong with this fan base. The lowly NY Islanders (another team of mine) even sold the building out last year when they honored Al Arbour. This is Doc, Darryl, Davey and Cashen and they’ll be looking up from the field at empty seats . For that fact , I actually feel bad.

This is Pathetic.

Sorry . Just wanted to get that off my chest.

Lets Go Mets !!

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  1. I agree. I’ve been saying this since they announced it. sell out the Promenade. 40k+ or the next Hall of Fame celebration very well may be in 2033.

    If you think things like Shake Shack, kiddie fields and the verizon studio are stupid to have at the park, show up and show that the number 1 attraction is the team and it’s history.

    btw, Howie was pretty critical of the wave last night. was amusing.

  2. I was thinking the same thing just yesterday. I was the winner of 4 free tix for the game from the contest that the Mets Twitter acct ran yesterday.

    So now I find myself with 4 extra tickets for the game (I had already sold my 2 season tickets for the game and when tickets went on sale during the season ticket holder presale, I purchased 4 Promenade Box tickets so I can go with friends to the ceremonies) and I went to list them on Stub Hub.

    I was shocked to see that the prices weren’t that high and then I checked to see what they had available. They actually had Prom Box tickets that were slightly better than mine, a section closer to home and a few rows lower.

    So I deduced that demand was not high and this just confirms my theory about a huge segment of Mets fans:

    They like to whine complain and I really think that they prefer complaining and self-hating than seeing a winning team. People seem to be more into the recent losing than when they were winning a few weeks ago.

    Chris is 10,000% correct and I am starting to have a SERIOUS problem with many Mets fans

  3. If it makes you feel any better, the Uppers are mostly sold out for Irish Heritage night. Nothing’s available for less than $40 (after fees).

  4. I’ve been going to games since 1976 and have attended just about every day/night celebration of faded heroes since then. But this overpaid crew of lazy losers and their incompetent management has made me extremely disinclined to attend games at Citi Field. And the usury that the Mets engage in with ticket fees only heightens that sentiment. The only lobbying mechanism I have with this team is my ass. And it’s not going to be in a seat until they get their act together. And if that means I miss 35,000 fans derisively chanting “Daryl” next Sunday, so be it.

    1. Typical, Think any way but your own is incorrect or incompetent. I seriously, seriously doubt that this bunch of players works less than twice as hard as the ’86 bunch.

  5. This day is for those four men and what they accomplished as Mets . Not this group of underachievers. Whats really funny is that more people complained about the taking down of Doc’s autograph that day then might be at his Mets Hall Of Fame Induction. You cant make this stuff up .

  6. I highly disagree. In this economy, no fan is under any responsibility to spend $23.00 per ticket. That does not include travel expenses (parking or train).

    In fact, no fan should be willing to spend a dime on this team unless they are willing to go the next step to compete. Next time I hear Roy Oswalt is too expensive or they can’t release Oliver Perez, I’m further away from Citi Field and their obstructive view seats.

  7. Ceetar, I totally respect that you’re an optimistic fan. I wish I felt like you do. But I have the blessing/curse of being old enough to remember when Fred Wilpon and Nelson Doubleday bought the Mets. They promised us a lot and delivered on that promise relatively quickly. But then it all fell apart just as quickly, and they never fixed it again.

    This franchise has been generally disappointing for more than 20 years now and there’s no fire to make it right. This really hit me when Steinbrenner died. I hated him when I was a kid in the ’70s, but I also wished he would buy the Mets and do the same thing with my team that he did with the Yankees.

    And Chris, you’re right. If next Sunday was just a ceremony for Doc, Darryl, Davey and Cashen, I would go. But it’s not. I’m required to buy a ticket and support a team that has not, in my opinion, earned my $23+ (as John points out). Maybe if they play as hard for the next week as they did in L.A. tonight, I’ll weaken and decide to go. But this Mets team is on probation as far as I’m concerned.

    Another thing. I’m not sure the 2010 fan base likes Strawberry all that much. There is an element of ridicule in that sing-song “Dar-Ruhl” chant that I interpret as, “Thanks for blowing your Hall of Fame potential, and then going over and joining the enemy in the Bronx.”

    Our relationship with Darryl (and Doc) is complicated, just like everything else with this team.

    1. Bottom line is it’s blind nostalgia that would have anyone thinking that the 86 bunched worked a fraction as hard as the current group does.

      Sure, its’ all about winning, except it’s not. Gotta enjoy the other stuff as well.

      Do you know what happens if Steinbrenner doesn’t get banned for baesball, or the Yankees don’t manage to keep Rivera, etc in ’95/’96?

      The Yankees probably are either Knick-like in how much they suck, or they’re in a different city, as Steinbrenner threatened to do. No one goes if they don’t win, and even then it took signing a guy like A-Rod, who it seems like most Yankees fans don’t even like, to really get fans coming to the park.

      So Steinbrenner-esque owners? no thanks.

  8. Anybody that’s not willing to spend $23 to honor Darryl Strawberry, Dwight Gooden, Frank Cashen & Davey Johnson — all bonafide Mets legends — needs to stop identifying themself as a Mets fan. I don’t care what you think about the current team, ownership or the ballpark — you need to go or shut up.

    If you can’t afford $23 (plus transportation and fees if you buy your tickets online or by phone), that’s a completely different story — but then again, you probably have things other than the New York Mets to worry about.

  9. The Wilpons DO run their team like Steinbrenner did, they spend plenty just like George did.

    Do you not remember the 80’s when Steinbrenner signed free agents, traded away all his prospects and the Yankees were horrible? Then Steinbrenner got banned from baseball, Stick Michaels developed prospects and the Yankees became winners.

    So PLEASE Will, don’t use this post death myth that Steinbrenner knew how to run a team as the reason why you are a fair weather Mets fan.

    As for ticket fees, while I think fees are total BS, they are a harsh reality of buying tickets for any sporting event, concert, broadway show, etc. The Mets are no different than any other team in that if you don’t buy at the box office, you pay a fee. Doesn’t matter if the team sells direct or via Ticketmaster, fees are an unfortunate part of ticket buying.

    Mets are are awfully good at beingcomplainers, excuse makers and fair weather fans

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