This is wrong. You need to show up Sunday.

I’m really bothered that Mets fans have not decided to support our heroes on Sunday.  This game needs to be sold out.

I understand if you are mad at the franchise, Jeff, Dave Howard, plexiglass, Omar, Ollie, collapses, whatever….I get it.

This isn’t about any of that.

This is about everything we talk about here on the site.

All our collective bitching.   All our romancing about Casey and Seaver and Mazzilli and Gooden and Piazza and Wright.

The King of England has agreed to meet us at the Tea Party and you guys have decided that you don’t really mind paying tax on tea after all.

You mean to tell me that there aren’t 45,000 Mets fans in the tri-state area who care about our 1986 heroes?

You’re going to let Dave Howard be RIGHT that nobody cares about team history?

Well then shut the hell up that there wasn’t enough Mets stuff in Citi Field.  If you don’t care why the hell should the Wilpons?   They might as well have Justin Bieber Day and sell out the place.

This is absolutely outrageous.  It’s not the Wilpons that suck, it’s the Mets “fans.”

I know money is tight.   Pack a sandwich, take the 7, and the Mets will let you bring in a bottled water.

I know $63 bucks is a lot for two tickets (after fees) – don’t worry I’ll kill them on that….but you have to show up for this.   This isn’t about Jeff and Fred, it’s about Doc and Darryl.

Now go buy tickets!

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  1. I agree – it’s fine to miss the game if you really can’t afford to go, but otherwise you need to show up on Aug. 1 or stop pretending that you’re a Mets fan.

  2. I find it insulting that you insist I spend $50 to go see a game (23+fees+parking). $50 to see a game by myself, $80-plus if I want to take a date. Those numbers are obscene.

  3. @IslandFan – Just remember that the next time you complain that management didn’t go after a 30 million dollar player they can’t get because they don’t have enough revenue to justify paying him that amount even if it meant they would go to the world series if they got him!

    Yes being a fan of a team and buying tickets is expensive in these lean times…If you think a Met game is expensive try buying tickets to a Yankee game sometime!

    Someone has to pay to build the fantasy rotisserie roster everyone wants the front offices to build for their “TV” enjoyment!

  4. Why would I ever complain about not signing the “big name” free agent? I’m in love with the home-grown guys we’ve got, while loathing K.Rud, Ollie, and the rest of the overpaid clowns whose salaries you’d love for me to finance.

  5. And as for those Yankees, they seem to have done just fine without my family’s support. I’m related to a few lifetime fans that haven’t been to a game in the better part of a decade thanks to the Millionaire’s Club they call the stadium.

  6. I disagree. I’m as a big a Met fan as anyone. My earliest memeories in life were the 1986 World Series, where I got to see my father, a retired police officer, on TV at the parade next to Keith Hernandez because he was assigned as his bodyguard that day. (Can actually see him for a split second in “Simply Amazin'”) But I work until 6 a.m. on Sunday mornings, so I’d have to sleep about 3 hours then wake up and head out to Queens. Plus I play softball in the afternoon. I can’t go to Sunday games. Thats why I got a weeknight plan, because those are the game I can go to. And I’ll get tickets to other games through out the year that are convinient for me. So I’m gonna DVR the ceremony and the game and watch it later on. That means I suck as a Mets fan?

    1. Tom, maybe YOU don’t suck but there’s 10 million people in Metro NYC – I would think that there’s 45,000 people who could be bothered to show. There sure were 55,000 when it was cool to be a Mets fan in 1986. I doubt there’s 9.5 million people that are either playing softball or Yankees fans.

  7. I dont get these jabs at Yankees ticket prices all the time. There are cheaper options to go to a Yankees game than there are Mets games. $5 for obstructed view. $12 for full view. While yes, there are much more expensive seats, we really aren’t factoring those in on either end as none of us are sitting there.

    The Yankees make money because they spend money. If they didn’t spend money, they wouldn’t be selling out. Business 101 here. Invest in your product, put a solid team on the field and people will show up. This is an average .500 team with the highest prices in baseball.

    By the way… Daryl, Doc and Davy really don’t give a damn if we show up. They are likely getting their appearance fee regardless.

    1. Well I don’t get the “Wilpons are cheap” nonsense when they spend plenty on payroll year after year.

  8. I think one of the problems IS our history. Last time we won was in ’86. I was 11. Since then Doc and Daryl went on to do good things with some other team in the Bronx. A punch to the gut and man parts. Doc with a No-No? Daryl with rings not from Flushing? They represent our one victory that should have been more. They were some of the greatest talent ever to come from our farm system. We are lucky to have seen these guys play and the team actually win. Since then the team has been a mess. My brother isn’t old enough to remember the 86 team and is completely disenchanted with the franchise. I try to look at it from his point of view but I can’t. I have ’86, he doesn’t. He has all the losing and these last few years. I can’t blame him. The Mets have never been about their own history, so the younger generation reflects that. Us older dudes have families and things to do. Sunday is the only day I have as a family as my wife works saturdays. I would love to go but I would want to leave after the ceremony and I can’t justify that kind of money for something I can watch to remember the good old DAY. Pine for a team from 24 years ago and then look at the sheer mess on the field today. You can think I am a Johnny come lately fan but I watch every game, I suffer with this team everyday. I ask myself why I watch until 2 in the morning when I have to get up at 6 and they lose 1-0. I have a love hate relationship with this team. I hate the fact that they make me miserable most of the summer. I guess what I am trying to say is, I love this team and I’m not going on sunday. I can’t, have other things to do. If I could I’d leave before the game started, why? Because sure, 6 games is nothing in July but this team TOP TO BOTTOM has given me NO reason to believe. They’re incompetant and loathsome. I hate Omar, Jerry, Ollie, Frankie, Louie, Jeffie and Freddie. They have no fight, a RF who wants to be traded, no heart. Why should I give a shit about a team that doesn’t? Spend my money? Hell no. If that makes a “fan” Then so be it.

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