The night the Mets bloggers landed

As you’ll see as you make the rounds today, the Mets had some bloggers over to the house last night.

Here’s why that matters to you.

The Mets are paying attention to the fan base.

Technology has advanced and now someone just like you can be heard. I’m just like you, just maybe a little more obsessive.

I’m completely flattered I was invited. I mean, who the heck am I and what the heck is Mets Police? It’s some dope in his basement, no?

Whats really neat is that you and I can change the world.

The Mets responded to cries for more team history. We got a museum. The fan brick was wrong. That got fixed in two days. When you send me a guest column it gets read. In Flushing. Maybe a lot of the things I throw out here are dopey, maybe some are wise. At least now we have a voice.

Again, I am very grateful to the organization for inviting me and will send out private thank yous rather than do it here.

Hopefully this is the beginning of a long relationship with the club and the “new media.” For this boy from Queens it sure was neat. I will post more pictures on the Tumblr as time permits, and I will link to the other blogs as they post their versions of the night.

About the other bloggers…what a neat group. I don’t really “know” any of them and sine I “know” better than others. What I can tell you is everyone is cool. There’s no rivalry, no jealousy, no “my blog is better” crap (I am threatening to start a fake fight with On The Black). Similarly I imagine they would tell you I didn’t show up nitpicking jerseys and pointing out flaws or nagging people to come Sunday.

Jason Fry from Faith and Fear asked me if I could change one off field thing, what would it be? It was surprisingly tough to answer. Much of the team history problems were solved, and it’s the wrong week to complain about Old Timers’ Day.

I gave two answers. The expensive answer was to re-do the Promenade and make all the stairwells recessed the way they are behind home plate. This would cut down the obstructions greatly.

The less expensive solution? You guessed it – go back to the 1962 uniforms. They got it right the first time.

35,000 again last night. Looks like once again Dave Howard is right.

More to come as I catch up. Two late nights have me a little behind but I have lots to get to. Keep the ideas coming: This whole effort you and I work on has been noticed.

Thanks again to the Mets. Much appreciated!

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11 Replies to “The night the Mets bloggers landed”

  1. Nice. The Apple was invited last night too. Except they lead me to a basement room where Fred Wilpon and Omar Minaya took turns beating me with a pipe for constantly spoofing them. It was still worth it.

  2. Are you suggesting that because 35,000 (about 85% capacity) showed up to see a .500 team on a week night validated David Howard?

    On the same night our rivals are insanely close to grabbing Roy Oswalt, despite their injuries while we do nothing?

    On the same night you got to go for free, in great seats, and hit the field beforehand (something not many people get the opportunity to do) and you’re critisizing there only being 35,000?

    Please tell me I misinterpreted that remark.

    I like you and the site, but the incessant whining about people not going is beginning to grate on me.

    I actually am going Sunday (despite it not being in my Sunday plan) and forked over $200 to take my girlfriend and her parents (got Big Apple seats off stubhub to sit somewhere different than my Prom infield plan seats), but I’m not going to blame *anyone* who feels that’s too much effort for a franshice that despite throwing some plaques up, seems to have no interest in improving the on the field product.

    The object should be to create new history too and instead the primes of Wright, Reyes and Santana are beign wasted while a smaller market in Philadelphia (who charges an obsene amount less for tix) goes out and does what it takes.

    -Paul Jacobi-

    1. Have to admit I didn’t get that line either. Especially since 35,000 in this park is damn near capacity when you take out luxury seats. Perhaps you can clarify Shannon?

    2. What I was going for (and failed) was 35,000 is more than the 27,000 type number we saw before school got out…Mr. Howard predicted crowds would increase once the weather warmed and school got out.

      Then add a layer of my “Dave Howard is always right” take I’ve taken this week as it relates to Sunday.

      I’ll stop trying to write and leave that to Faith and Fear, I’m better at posting jerseys 😉

  3. Had great fun yesterday. It was very cool sitting with all us bloggers. Picture the best people you follow on twitter during the game, all in person, just chatting and discussing. Now picture Will Ferrell in his “I can’t control the volume of my voice” skit sitting next to them and not shutting up.

  4. oh jeez that guy had jersey shore written all over him – but what about that guy sitting on the steps with everyone having to walk around him

  5. If that’s Jersey Shore — capitalized, no quotation marks — then it must be a complement! 😉 If it’s “Jersey Shore” — quotation marks, referencing television — then it’s clearly derogatory.

    All kidding aside, I caught the 35,000 reference. I was there today — 40,087! Yes, much of that was the promenade full of camp kids, but hey, they didn’t even get that last year (remember the flap about offering fewer tickets to kids groups?).

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