New Poll: Mets slogan for 2011

On the main page you will find a new poll in which you’ll be asked to choose the new team slogan for 2011.  My personal fave is “Man Up and Play Better.”

Those of you on Google Reader or email subscription will need to swing by the site to vote.

We’ll be doing the podcast on Sunday at 6:30 and would love to hear from you.  You can subscribe free via iTunes if you want to make sure you don’t miss an episode.


8 Replies to “New Poll: Mets slogan for 2011”

    1. Actually the Mets celebrated their “25th Anniversary” in 1986. That was really their 25th Season (first was in 1962) not their 25th Anniversary, which would have been 1987. I’m glad they screwed it up, as they won the world series in 1986 and wore a cool patch all year. So their 50th season should be celebrated in 2011, next year. Of course, they could pass and celebrate their 50th Anniversary instead, which seems less important, in 2012. That’s what they will likely do, as they did a 40th Anniversary in 2002.

      Bottom line – next is is the Mets’ 50th season…2 championships in 50 years and zero no-hitters.

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