The Jose Reyes manufactured run finally happens!

Mets fans, I speak of this every off-season. The great myth of the Jose Reyes manufactured run.

You know the one.

He leads off the game with a single, steals a base and scores on a sacrifice.

It actually happened last night (stealing third not second) and the Mets won a game! Imagine that.

I agree it’s a great plan, I just never see it happen. I didn’t see it last night because my DVR is full and there are other things to watch than 2011 spring training games with a lame duck manager.

I’m aware my Reyes criticisms make people sad. Is there a better option at SS? Nope. Does he maximize his talent? Nope. He even admitted lapses in concentration last week.

Would I move him? Yep. See Boston 2004. Jose is probably the only moveable piece you would get anything in return for and we’ve proven this mix doesn’t work.

Will he then win the AL MVP? How long have you been a Mets fan? Of course he will.

3 Replies to “The Jose Reyes manufactured run finally happens!”

  1. Behavior that was endearing at 21 is frustrating at 27. Grow up Jose. I’d take less back in a package if it meant getting rid of some of the other dead wood. Forget Ollie and Castillo. That’s hopeless. There would be a taker for the Zombie in center field if Reyes was in the deal. I want to see things shaken up. Too many of these guys don’t care.

  2. You’ve been saying this for a while now Shannon, and I used to disagree. But now I’m on board.

    I am hoping the Mets lose every game for the rest of the year so that they will blow up the entire organization. Better yet maybe the Wilpons would sell!

  3. Mets fans are insane, if you are going to trade one of them the clear answer is David Wright. Which player doesn’t produce in the big spots? Which player has been more instrumental to the team’s success? Which position can be more readily replaced with a legitimate big league player? Which player has been affected more by Citi Field?

    When you answer all of those questions, you’ll realize, that if one needs to be traded, it’s David Wright that needs to be traded. And for what it’s worth, I wouldn’t trade either of them.

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