You own this Mets jersey: another Kaz Matsui

Apparently the Mets sold a fair amount of Kaz jerseys back in the day. Even Cerrone had a Metsblog version of You Own… Recently that featured a Kaz.

And I freely admit this concept rips off Straight Cash Homey.

Thanks to @guydownthere for hitting me up @metspolice on twitter.

One Reply to “You own this Mets jersey: another Kaz Matsui”

  1. That looks like a real jersey, not a cheesy modell’s replica or something made from t-shirt material (Metspolice will enjoy that line). I would guess that 75% of Kaz jersey purchases were made after Kaz left us and the jerseys were deeply discounted. taking the matsui lettering off and leaving the jersey with the scarring would probably look worse than actually having the name Matsui on your jersey………..

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