Mets to limit Niese’s innings?

Good morning Mets fans…

Wow I’m tired today, and a little slow off the draw…but I am back from Unnamed Donuts Chain so that helps a little.

I read that the Mets are considering limiting future Hall of Famer Jon Niese’s innings. Normally I am opposed to such things but given the state of the season maybe it’s for the best.   I’m old school and think everyone should just pitch, but if there is something to innings count (and I’m not sure there is) then this might be the right situation to take it seriously.

Media Goon posted last night that Jason Bay was out for the season…then updated it when the Mets (as personified by Jerry) changed their minds.   One thing this organization does not do is change their minds.

If I get some energy I am going to write up a post called “The case for bringing Jerry back.”  It will be a stretch but I may try it.

Today is about sitting on the deck and getting ahead on some blogging things.

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