Former New York Mets player Tim Corcoran

Another good one from the comments, this time from Greg from Faith & Fear. I’m also writing this post while half asleep on Thursday night so I haven’t fact checked it, but I would bet a dollar that Greg is right, he always is:

Tim Corcoran was around as Mex insurance in case his suspension for cocaine use stuck, which it didn’t once Ueberroth gave each suspendee the option of community service. Keith was actually hesitant to accept the out, on principle, but eventually caved in (thank goodness).

Corcoran did not receive a WS ring. Cashen was unbelievably stingy when it came to players and rings: The 24-man roster plus Foster, Berenyi and Lynch (all gone before September) were the only recipients. Randy Myers raised an unrelenting fuss on behalf of the callups and part-timers and a few were eventually (years later) ringed: Myers and Magadan, I know, maybe a couple of others, like Gibbons, who remained in the organization. But I’m pretty sure Corcoran got no reward other than his presence in discussions like these.

Faith and Fear in Flushing is a great great Mets blog….add it to your rotation if it isn’t already.

If anyone can hand in a Tim Corcoran edition of You Own This Mets Jersey I will be impressed.

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  1. Thanks Shannon. A little more on the rings from Marty Noble, covering the tragedy that befell Barry Lyons in the wake of Hurricane Katrina:

    Former Mets general manager Al Harazin, then an assistant to Frank Cashen, had created a prerequisite for the championship jewelry — a number of games played or days on the roster that had to be met by each player; otherwise, no ring.

    Lyons was among the players who didn’t meet Harazin’s standard; so too were Terry Leach, Dave Magadan and Randy Myers. But after Myers established himself in the big leagues, he received permission from the Mets to use the mold and had rings made for himself and the other wallflowers.

  2. Regarding the potential Keith suspension, I offer this from 2006. I researched the Mex part but have to admit I was working from memory where Corcoran’s role was concerned. It’s worth noting despite his role as Suspension Insurance, he did make enough of an impression to be recalled twice to one of the greatest teams of the past half-century.

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