I’m rooting for this guy to be GM

Various reports say that the Mets have added Al Avila to the list of GM candidates.

I’m not going to disagree with this statement on MSNBC’s website:

“Call me cynical, but this sure feels like the Mets simply fulfilling their obligation to consider a minority candidate before hiring who they really want.”

I too am cynical, so I’m going to hope Al blows the doors off the place, gets the job and leads the Mets to 10 straight pennants.

Mr. Avila is the assistant GM of the Tigers.   I would hate to think the Mets would bring him in just to waste his time and get his hopes up high.

I’m supporting Avila/Mazzilli ’11

3 Replies to “I’m rooting for this guy to be GM”

  1. So just how exactly does MLB define a “minority candidate” anyway? Is it based upon how the person checks off their census form? Is there a cutoff on one’s lineage percentage kinda like the Native American groups use to decide who gets to be a vested member of the tribe? If only one of your grandparents is black/hispanic/whatever, is the team off the hook, or do you have to be more…er, “concentrated?”

    I got to thinking about that because in that pic, Aliva looks more like the dad from a early-2000s CBS sitcom than some victim of racial oppression.

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