Sandy Alderson answers my Mets question correctly

Good morning Mets fans,

You may have missed this since it went out Friday night, but Sandy Alderson responded to some of the questions from fans submitted over twitter.

Yes I was pysched to see my question answered (and the second question is from fellow Mets Policeman Dan) but I’m more excited about the answer.

I wanted to know if winning the NL but not the World Series would be considered a successful year.

“…it would be foolish not to acknowledge that there had been something accomplished, but ultimately that’s not the goal, and from personal experience, nobody’s happy going home number 2″

Now we’re talking.   Sandy and I are on the same page.

Of course winning the NL would be neat, but it wouldn’t be enough.  73 is a nice story but 1986 is better.  For me, a decade later, 2000 happened but I rarely think about it.

I like that Sandy’s eye is on winning it all.

Some folks have asked if I think that the Mets went out of their way to pick me because I blog.  I do not.  I think the questions were selected to communicate to fans, and both Dan and I asked questions that were more than “so when are you running Castillo out of town.”

I do think it’s cool that the Mets are increasingly engaging the fans outside the mainstream media.  Those guys do a great great job, but it’s also neat to get a note from the COO or to have the GM take questions from fans.  That to me is much more interesting than a Mike Francesa interview.

On Mets Blog, Michael Baron identified what Sandy said he envisioned for the franchise:

  • To be a perennial winner.
  • To be an “Iconic Franchise” and to be mentioned in the same breath as the Yankees, Phillies, and Red Sox as among the greatest in the sport, and in all sports around the world.
  • Respected for WHAT and HOW.
  • Fan Pride.

Wow.   That’s kinda what I have been preaching here these past three sesaons.  I love the HOW part.  Fan Pride!  Imagine that!’

It wasn’t so long ago that the Phillies were a joke and the Red Sox a bunch of losers known for losing.   Images can change…and of course winning helps speed that process.

I was happy with Sandy’s answer.   Were you?


I would embed the video but MLB policy suggests the Mets would go out of business if they allowed fans to embed videos what were emailed out.