First reaction to the 2011 Mets Ticket prices

I went back and looked…last year I posted about the 2010 prices on November 11th, so the timing is similar.  I was wondering they accelerated the announcement to get in under the cover of Sandy…the beat reporters will be distracted by Sandy reporting for work….but I’m probably over-thinking it.

It seems that for a schmoe like me the seats will cost about the same…I can’t be bothered to see how many Titanium Games there were last year, but from memory I often had $25 or $35 on my seats.

As I mentioned yesterday I bet the weekend plans will be that 10+5 crap which is disappointing.

I’m waiting for the Dave Howard Mathematics on this one which will explain how prices were reduced.

Overall, I’m underwhelmed and the 8 zillion (actually 70) different prices seems silly.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments!

5 Replies to “First reaction to the 2011 Mets Ticket prices”

  1. It would be nice if they could come up with a pricing scheme that didn’t look like it came from an IRS publication.

    I’ll wait for details on the plans & single game ticket sales… full season tickets were never in my budget.

  2. Prices were reduced as they moved more games to lower pricing levels. See my comments in the other post

  3. As a former season ticket holder, I can say at least the Mets FINALLY wised up and gave discounts for season tickets. The absurdity of that is 1 of the reasons I gave up my seats. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not getting season tickets since the value’s still not there but at least there is now some benefit opposed to a stupid gift and media guide.

  4. The first rule of business 101…don’t confuse the consumer with too many price points. Make it simple!

  5. I cant wait for Dave Howards BS also. I’m still smarting from when he said that it build character rooting for a loosing team.

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