Mets announce 2011 ticket prices

UPDATED: if you are a regular reader, new content follows below this post. This one is drawing lots of attention so I want to leave it up top.

The screengrabs are from at around 9am Tuesday.

UPDATED 8:25pm: Β The links in this post have been deactivated by Β  This morning they brought you to the dates listed according to each type of game marquee/value etc.

Thanks to Peter and Robert for immediately sending this in.

The Mets have released ticket prices and…well…it’s more confusing than ever.

The pricing scheme features row differentials (that’s new right?) and different classifications.

The “Marquee” dates (where it will cost you $45 to sit in Prom Res Infield) are Opening Day and Yankee games.

There are 22 Premium Games…at first glance looks like Fri/Sat/Sun.

25 Classic Dates seems to be a mix of NL East teams and random Fri/Sat/Sun games

The Value Games are the rest of the weekday leftovers, although you can see the World Champion Formerlys.

I have to digest this before I can comment but at first glance it seems absurd and expensive and I am finding myself angry.

Click the below to see the deal…or lack thereof:

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  1. Thanks, Jeff!

    Maybe you should fire your marketing department and put it towards payroll since they seem to rehash the same crap each year.

  2. Okay, I spent a lot of time with these charts last year, so my analysis.

    that row differential is not new. It’s just spelled out and clearer (Pepsi Porch versus Pepsi Porch Gold last year. Same seats this year, just mentions the rows)

    Season Ticket discounts, which is a big deal.

    Someone needs to do the math, but there are only 4 pricing levels now, instead of 5. My initial assumption to this is that Premium will be more than silver, but less than gold. Means you probably pay less for those big Phillies series, but will pay more for the Cubs. It looks like weekdays in general will be a little cheaper, but you’ll pay for weekends, particularly in the Summer (which is prime time, so understandable)

    The prices: Lowest price went up. 11 to 12. As we all shouldve expected the price decrease to be at, the mid-range tickets. Pepsi Porch, Left Field Landing, Ceasar’s Club, all seem cheaper and to me have fallen into the range of “kinda affordable” whereas there seems to b e more ‘splurge’ tickets that are actually not as rediculous. baseline/field boxes that if you had a couple of bucks to spend or wanted something special as a treat, you could do.

    I don’t pay attention to the top of the line, but it looks like they came down as well. No season tickets more than $400 a pop either.

    I’ll be interested to see how peoples plan renewal prices come in at . I suspect they’ll be a little cheaper, but not very much. My guess is they reconfigured it a bit, but the average ticket price did not come down by more than a dollar or so.

    Nothing groundbreaking, but my initial reaction is it seems okay.

  3. This is a very good and fair pricing structure and I am very excited about this. I am a season ticket holder – 2009, I was in Promenade (wasn’t crazy about the seats) so I upgraded in 2010 to LF Reserve (not the “gold” seats but row 5 which still came with all the perks of clubs and what not). I think that when all was said and done, roughly two seats in row 5 LF reserve were just under $8000 per year. If my math is correct (I’ll have to go over it), it will be just under $6K. It seems as though if you want to go to a game, and don’t care where you sit, promenade seems to be affected as Ceetar says above by $1 increase for the value games which isn’t bad since supply is more up there.

    1. It’s a $1 increase but I think there are more games at that price scheme than the $11 in 2010, so unless you only go to one game at the cheapest possible way you end up saving. But I do know that sometimes “cheapest ticket available” is a value people look at. For some reason the Yankees got props from some for having a couple of crappy seats for $5 in the bleachers with no seat backs and likely obstructed views.

        1. Yankees raised prices. Those $5 you were talking about were coupons or something. The only ones on the pricing scheme are for obstruction view bleacher seats (normally 14, their lowest price. $23 for grandstand outfield)

          1. The Yankees had $5 seats (for select games) in both obstructed & unobstructed bleachers and past the foul poles of the upper deck.

  4. Promenade Reserved Infield is (on a per game avg) 17.6% cheaper for 2011 vs 2010. The avg single game ticket in 2010 was $24.26 and is $20.00 in 2011.

    For season ticket holders such as myself, it is 25.8 cheaper in 2011. My avg. ticket price is $18.00.

    Here’s a link to my spreadsheet

    Also, here’s a link to a spreadsheet you can use to calculate the price & savings of your own season tickets.

    You need to plug in the 2010 & 2011 prices. (You can get the 2011 prices from, you are on your own to find 2010 prices)


      I had the wrong (too low) price in my calculations for 2011 value games.

      Promeande Reserved Infield’s avg 2011 ticket is $21.11 for single games & $19.00 for season tickets.

      This means a 13% decrease for single game prices on average & 21.7% decrease on season ticket average prices.


      1. thanks for all this Corey…my brain is having a tough time digesting any of it. It’s so so so confusing. When I get an invoice I will be able to say “this is less/more/same.”

        1. Well, it’s funny because we all asked for more clarity, and this is it, even if it’s in a confusing manner. Now each section is properly labeled to what rows they contain and what sections.

          It won’t really hit home for most people until they get an invoice or log on to buy a game and think “hmm, taht’s less than last year”

        2. I know the big question remaining will be the structure of mini plans for weekends…but as Corey says above, i am pretty dang pleased with the structure of the season ticket holder options. πŸ˜€

      2. ~$20 seems fair for what are good seats. about $100 for a family of four with parking. Which is a normal price for many outings in the city. Adjust food/concessions purchases or bring your own as the budget allows.

  5. i sat in baseball box and baseline box silver a lot last year and those prices are pretty drastically reduced. looks like buying roughly the same games in the same seats, i would be saving about 15-20 bucks per seat a game depending on the clasification of the game.

  6. It’s nice that the Mets are finally offering discounts for full season ticket holders, but they’re not in my budget.

    I’ll wait to see what the plans look like.

  7. Here’s how it all boils down (all prices mentioned refer to single game tickets in PRm Res. Inf, I assume the changes are similar throughout all 5,000 different pricing categories)…

    They increased Marquee tickets $1 from the old Platinum prices while keeping the # of games the same (4 games: Opening Day & Subway Series).

    1 more Premium game was added in 2011 (22) vs 2010’s Gold (21) while reducing the price by $2.

    2011’s Classic has 25 games as did Silver in 2010. But the price of those games is $5 cheaper.

    The real movement happens at the low end where 2010’s Bronze (21 games) & Value (10 games) were combined into a 2011’s 30 game Value grouping. The pricing of Value remains the same at $15.00 but now all those Bronze games that were $20 in 2010 are now 25% cheaper in 2011.

    30 of 81 games, or 37% of the Mets home game tickets in Prom Inf Res are at $15 & $12 in plain ol’ Prom Res! Considering that a movie ticket in NYC can cost $12-$15, I think the Mets have done a great job of bringing prices down.

  8. I do think it’s funny that some people think because they changed the game quality level versus the ticket price, people actually think they are getting a significant discount… hook, line and sinker.

    I’ll stick with the Yankees where I can pay $5- $12 to see the Mets vs the Yankees, or opening day! There still is no true value option available to see a quality baseball game.

    1. I think its funny that some Mets fans are never happy.

      My season tickets are 20% cheaper next season.
      The 4 platinum/marquee games are more expensive.
      The Gold/Premium are cheaper.
      The Silver/Classic are cheaper.
      The Bronze tickets are significantly cheaper as they now Value tickets.

      So out of 81 games, 4 Premium games are more expensive and 10 Value games stayed the same (while 20 more games were added to the category).

      67 of 81 games (82.7%) have lower prices in 2011.
      10 of 81 games (12.3%) have the same price in 2011.
      4 of 81 games (4.9%) are more expensive in 2011.

      Enjoy your $5 obstructed view seat or seat beyond the foul pole at Yankee Stadium (if you can actually get your hands on one and/or if they still offer them in 2011). I’ll be at Citi Field watching a team I actually like in a cheaper seat than last season.

  9. They have offered them every year recently at new and old Yankee stadium. They aren’t bad seats for the most part other than the obstructed view bleacher seats, they are comparable to what the Mets sell for $15 to the worst games.

    You as a season ticket holder being happy is great, but the issue isn’t you. You were going to buy your tickets even if there was no price increase. The average Joe going to one or two games on the other hand is still better off taking his family to a Yankee game.

    1. The Yankees website lists the cheapest ticket at $14, with the exception of these select $5 seats that are basically the dregs of the stadium. Youcan sit in the grandstand outfield for $23, infield for over $30 and the next cheapest seat is $50. i.e. almost three figures for any ticket that’s close enough to actually see the player and know who he is.

      1. I don’t want to argue about the $5 seats too much but they exist. I used them last year and was in the RF uppers in fair territory in the second row of the lower portion. For $5 not bad. Of course it will reportedly cost $35 to park next year. The year before I sat in $5ers which were in the RF outfield…say at Shea it would have been section 31.

  10. Some of us worked the math and posted the results over at baseball fever, in the citi field thread. Data is presented for most areas of seating.

    In a nutshell (and this was all yanked back before being made ‘official’)…

    1. 10% discount for Full Season buys. No word on 15 or 40 game plan discounts.
    2. BIG decreases in most lower bowl seating (100 and 300 level). Elimination of Row 1&2 *surcharges* in the Pepsi Porch, LF Landing, the Caesars Level, AND Promenade Club. Some Caesar Level seating has been renamed. If you paid for Row 1 or 2 last year, you are getting a BIG discount.
    3. 500 level seating has gone up in price. However, the 10 percent discount means that Full Seasons in 500 level seating will go down. Not sure how this will play out for 15 game plan holders.
    4. The only losers are those with LF / RF Reserved Gold (Row 1 & 2) seating. They actually see an increase.

    The biggest drop? Caesar Bronze (now Silver) dropped 43% for Full Season Tickets. Field Box Silver not far behind.

    What we still don’t know:

    1. Will discounts be offered to 15 and 40 gamers.
    2. Will they restructure 15 game plans? This is big since Opening Day is on a Friday, and that SHOULD be in either the Fri+ or Weekend Plan. With no OD, what’s the reason to buy the Weekday Plan?
    3. Will they open up low Prom Res Inf seating to 15 game plans?


  11. BTW, I realized I made some huge mistakes in my math earlier. Not getting the big decrease I thought, fairly nominal actually…and somewhat disapointing in comparison to some of the other sections.

  12. The fact that we can even attempt to compare Mets prices to Yankees prices says they are way too high. We don’t field a quality team like the Yankees. We don’t come close to the pay roll of the Yankees and we don’t have anywhere near as many stars as the Yankees. The Rent is 2 Damn High!

  13. 1. The Mets have increased their prices exponentially, compared to most other teams, if not all other teams. I can go back if anyone would like, and pull up Shea prices.
    Whomever did their market analysis, dropping the stadium size 10,000, thinking they could make up the revenue, was unbelievably short-sighted, and probably forgot to measure the fan base accurately. The economy has had a little effect, for sure, but not to the extent of the drop in fans showing up for games.

    I used to journey to Shea from South Jersey, and got a 6/7 pack each season. They initially had Opening Day and a Yankees game in a pack. Then they split those up.

    That was Strike 1.

    The Mets have a 5 tier pricing system.
    The Yankees have 1 tier. The Phillies have 1 tier. If they have any sense they will have a 2 tier system. Premium games (Yankees, maybe some weekend series, Opening Day), then everything else. It infuriates me, and I know most other fans I talk to.
    Strike 2.

    The seat prices.
    I bought seats to the Sept 26th Mets Phillies game in Philly. 300 level. $30 each.
    $60 total. Equivalent view to the Pepsi Porch.
    Here are the GAME DAY prices of the two teams.

    Phillies v Mets (Sept – Sat) @ CBP
    LL between the bases. $60
    LL corners. $45.
    LL OF. $33
    Pavillion (OF) Upper Deck $20.

    Mets prices v Phillies (Sept – Sat) Sh*ti Field
    LL between the bases. $120 – $264
    LL corners. $72 – $144
    LL OF. $60
    Pavillion (OF) Pepsi Porch. $48.

    So Mets tickets are roughly 100% higher than their nearest and most successful, NL rival for THE EXACT SAME GAME.

    The Phillies treat their fans the right way.
    (Again success helps, but the Phillies have basically not altered their pricing in 3 years, despite the success).
    Strike 3.

    When someone from the Mets organization realizes the team plays in Queens, and the heritage of the team is more in line of that of the Phillies than the Yankees, (i.e. working class) maybe I will once again buy multiple tickets, aka a 6 pack.

    This, to me, is the biggest issue the organization has, and not hiring a near 63 year old guy and some dumb muppet (JP) who was a below average GM in Canada.

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