Rubin’s Mets ‘know things’ about Backman comment

Mets Blog has the story but Adam Rubin tweeting “the Mets know things that are not circulated and don’t feel comfortable” about Backman sure is interesting.

Keep the tickets comments coming.  More on that when I can!

4 Replies to “Rubin’s Mets ‘know things’ about Backman comment”

  1. Rubin “knows” things? I am sure he does, but you can not make that kind of statement and then say, but I can’t tell you what I know and that is why he will not be the manager. That is a load of crap. If you know something like that, you either follow it up, or if you can’t, you figure out a way to say it, without the I know things that will never let him be the manager. You can say, I am not sure that the organization, after one year is comfortable with Backman being manager, it is more likely that he will be a third base coach or a bench coach, so that the organization can get a first hand look, and get him to a point where even if they do not make him the manager, the rest of baseball can get a better look, so if it is not meant to be here, then we can maximize the opportunities for a fan favorite. I understand that Rubin will always have inside information that he can’t divulge, but those comments are out of line.

  2. Nice to see Rubin taking the “high road” here…

    I am starting to see why Omar got frustrated with him last year.

  3. Chief, I await that most interesting post. Fact of the matter is, it was an unprofessional thing to say, and is not much different that what Paul was referencing. There were a myriad of different ways that Rubin could have said what he did, in ways that would have been a non-story or something that would have just been another “I do not think that Alderson wants to hire Backman because of the perception of not having autonomy” story. And I realize that you have a life to live, family and a job, so I get that you can’t get to everything at once…but this stuff IS Rubin’s job…and isn’t it bad enough we have to hear so much crap out of the Yankee Daily News, and Joel Yankee Sherman, that Rubin, who complained that he was made the story by Minaya, now has to inject himself into the story on his own, and take the focus away from the Riccardi hiring, the manager search & getting away from the last four seasons?

    I am starting to ramble. I have to get to bed…430 comes early. Not sure what I just said made any sense to even me.

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