So how much will my 2011 Mets tickets cost?

I gotta tell ya, I am so so so confused by the leaked 2011 Mets ticket prices.

Why do I need to be a calculus major to understand how much baseball tickets cost?  Whatever happened to four decks four prices?  Jeez Louise…

On the one hand Dan says

I am actually impressed with the new pricing.  Overall I think they did a good job
in 2010 they had 41 different seat categories, 2011 they will have 34
Of the 34 categories, average prices dropped in 27 seat categories

and says Peter’s chart was wrong and proposed his own chart (click it to make it giant)

I’m not smart enough to understand all the numbers, but in the column on the right Dan has it worked out that there are lots of price cuts.

In the comments Doug posted:

Some of us worked the math and posted the results over at baseball fever, in the citi field thread. Data is presented for most areas of seating.

In a nutshell (and this was all yanked back before being made ‘official’)…

1. 10% discount for Full Season buys. No word on 15 or 40 game plan discounts.
2. BIG decreases in most lower bowl seating (100 and 300 level). Elimination of Row 1&2 *surcharges* in the Pepsi Porch, LF Landing, the Caesars Level, AND Promenade Club. Some Caesar Level seating has been renamed. If you paid for Row 1 or 2 last year, you are getting a BIG discount.
3. 500 level seating has gone up in price. However, the 10 percent discount means that Full Seasons in 500 level seating will go down. Not sure how this will play out for 15 game plan holders.
4. The only losers are those with LF / RF Reserved Gold (Row 1 & 2) seating. They actually see an increase.

The biggest drop? Caesar Bronze (now Silver) dropped 43% for Full Season Tickets. Field Box Silver not far behind.

What we still don’t know:

1. Will discounts be offered to 15 and 40 gamers.
2. Will they restructure 15 game plans? This is big since Opening Day is on a Friday, and that SHOULD be in either the Fri+ or Weekend Plan. With no OD, what’s the reason to buy the Weekday Plan?
3. Will they open up low Prom Res Inf seating to 15 game plans?


Dave says: “There are 92 possible single game prices, none of which are affordable for the typical working stiff with kids.”  Wait, is it 92 because Dan said it was 70, Corey had some other figures and WE CAN’T EVEN ALL AGREE ON HOW MANY DIFFERENT TICKET PRICES THERE ARE?

Is it me?  Isn’t that CRAZY?

Dave Howard  – simple question.  I want to go to a Mets game (with you).  How much will it cost?  My head’s gonna explode.


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  1. “There are 92 possible single game prices, none of which are affordable for the typical working stiff with kids.”

    I really don’t get this statement. With my wife and me providing for our 2 young children via the 2-Income Family “American Dream”, I assume I am the “working stiff with kids” that Dave is talking about.

    Last year I took my family of 4 to a weeknight “Value” game. It cost us less than $100 for the tickets, 4 hot dogs, and 4 drinks. If that’s not reasonable for 4 people, than i don’t know what you want.

    Did we get to sit field level? No. Did we go crazy with programs, souvenirs, and excessive food and candy? No. Is it something I could afford to do every night, or even every week? No. But we don’t have to. It’s been close to 4 months since the game, and my kids still talk about it like it was yesterday.

    Are tickets as cheap as they used to be? No. But nothing is. Is Milk still 10 cents a jug like it used to be in the “good old days”?

    Have most MLB teams priced them selves out of the “average” fan sitting in the premium seats? Yes. But to say going to Mets game isn’t affordable for the average family of 4 is just not true.

  2. Sounds like the typical Mets shell game again .They say we give this and then take it back another way .Cant wait for my invoice bets its only 3 or 4 percent less then last years even with the so called 10 percent discount for season . ticket plan . For the Mets sake i hope Im wrong but I got a bad feeling TIME WILL TELL

  3. Are tickets as cheap as they used to be? Well lord knows they are cheaper for every other team except for the Mets and Yankees, so what gives? Is the rent higher? lol

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