The Mets Do Listen to Us Fans

Dave Howard was on WFAN earlier and explained the ticket price reductions and the extra ten percent on top of that is also taken off for season ticket and partial ticket plans.

Plan holders have been wondering how come we never received a discount for basically buying in bulk. Well, finally the Mets paid attention to all their market research they have been doing. Shannon posted a lot of the surveys here on Mets Police.

That extra ten percent off is great on top of the reductions you are getting except if your in the Promenade Sections. Why is being in the Promenade Sections bad? Well, thats the only section thats getting an increase. A five percent increase. The only thing I wasn’t clear on is if its for all three sections in the Promenade(reserved,box,club) or for two out of three of of them, or just for one of them? That concerns me because I have my seats in the Promenade Box section and I want to know if I am getting that increase.
In all I am just glad the organization is realizing that it had alienated a lot of its fan base and is trying to make up for it.

Now if we could only have Saturday and Sunday plans with just Saturday or Sundays in them and not weekday games. There is a reason why I have my Sunday plan. I can’t make weekday games because I work crazy hours.

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  1. for a team that saw fans who literally couldn’t give tickets away for free on StubHub at the end of the ballpark’s first season, they still need to do more to fix things in the primary ticket market.

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