Mets links related to the Dave Howard call

Greg from Faith & Fear walks you through Dave Howard’s first Mets game back in 1965.

Kerel’s thoughts about ticket prices and the call on On The Black

Metsgrrl’s much better than mine recap of the call

Craig Calcaterra on NBC sports adds:

I think the most interesting thing about this is that Dave Howard, the Mets’ Executive Vice President for Business Operations, held a conference call exclusively for Mets bloggers yesterday to answer questions and address concerns about the price changes. You can read a writeup of this by Caryn Rose (a/k/a Metsgrrl) here.  That’s smart outreach to go beyond merely answering questions of the newspapers.  After all: the newspaper guys will report your press release pretty straight up. Bloggers are often season ticket holders too, however, and if they think they’re getting played, they’ll not hesitate to go after you. Transparency is essential when it comes to this sort of thing.

By the way Craig I “accidentally” started following you on twitter one day, had no idea “who you are” but enjoy your stuff.


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