Guess who called Mets season ticket holders yesterday?

The official Mets twitter @newyorkmets tweeted this photo of a man who called season ticket holders yesterday.  Can you identify the man in the photo?

8 Replies to “Guess who called Mets season ticket holders yesterday?”

  1. Since clothes (uniforms) are talked about a lot on here, I’ll go ahead and say I like that shirt. I’d buy it.

    1. I’m sure every fridge in CitiField is full of Pepsi. Have to think if that was an intentional ad placement, it’d have been rotated 90 degrees to show the main label.

  2. I got a call the other day from the Mets. It wasn’t Darryl though, just som random ticket rep asking why I haven’t renewed my 15 game Weekday plan.

  3. I got a phone call from the Mets saying I won “Hi Five the Mets!!” Tell me, what does that REALLY mean? Personally I think half of it is a hoax; seriously have you ever heard of anyone actually RECEIVING this alleged phone call?

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