Yes I would like this Mets jersey

Good morning Mets fans,

I will have the full fan survey in the 10am post.  In the meantime, some odds and ends….

If you’re new to the blog (I am anticipating a bump in readership today) the main purpose of this blog is for fan advocacy (like sticking up for fans when it comes to ticket prices or obstructed views or such).  I also populate the blog with articles about Mets history (often about Seaver or my man-crush Lee Mazzilli) and I have a strange obsession with alternate Mets caps (stick around, you’ll see).

I also hate the black Mets uniforms which brings us to this post.

Cerrone busted my chops last night via email about the ads for the black uniforms that have been popping up on the site.  As I mentioned here Dave Howard should majorly bust my chops!  (I will try to fix the code over the weekend, been a long week.)

Meanwhile, Michael sent me an email titled “A jersey you’ll like!” And I sure do…

No black!   Someone in Flushing walk this in to Jeff’s office please.  Right now.

That one is available here.  Unfortunately or fortunately there are no XL’s left.   Saves me $80.  Except now I have another white whale.

You guys are killing me.  I bought the elusive blue (no black) jacket the other day so that I don’t spend the next 20 years wishing I had bought it.

I have bought like 7 jerseys this year…and two jackets….I even called my mom to say that when I open the jacket on Christmas that she should act like it is from her.  (Don’t worry, there’s ZERO chance of Mrs. Mets Police reading the blog).

The other problem with having so much Mets attire is that it’s hard to wear this stuff.  I can’t wear Mets jerseys to work.  I often wear one Saturday…but not all the time, I don’t want to be “that guy.”  (Growing up there was a kid we used to call “Mr. Sports Jersey.  The dude had everything. A San Diego Padres uniform.  In Queens in the 80’s.  Why?)

Other items:

I was asked why I keep calling the new manager “Colactus.”  Read this and then this for the explanation.

My twitter is @metspolice

My email is

Oh yeah and I want more Facebook friends and have a page there.

See ya at 10.  (I’m not trying to be coy, I have some behind the scenes reasons why I slotted it for 10.)

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  1. I think the Mets 1987 script New York away jersey better captures the spirit of the team and the city. But this one is nice too.

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