Cool Citi Field model


Hey Shannon! Hope all is well.

Here’s a new piece of memorabilia that I just acquired from a gentleman by the name of Steve Wolf. What an awesome job by the artist! Although not an exact scale replica (and I didn’t expect it to be), I love the finished product of this light tower model! He does make these light towers pretty affordable ($275 to $350 range). He can also do entire stadiums or just sections of ballparks if desired:
Check out my photos!

Here’s the link to his website if interested


Pete, this is awesome!  I like how Steve captured the authenticity of the empty seats.

I know, I know, cheap shot.  But I had to.  One of you was going to.  You know you were.  Better it comes from me because the Mets know I love them.

Anyways – here’s some other pictures, click on any for a larger image.

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  1. can he do the original shea model?
    i have it on my face book page.
    just click my name and once you get to my page scroll down to “older post. you can’t miss it. it was made in 1961.
    to by pass the many people who have the same name as me,click my name on mets police face book page

  2. Wow that is amazing! I love the little touches as well, Mets beat the Phil sand Boston beating the Yanks! 10/10!!! I wish I could buy one!

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