Fear of a green hat

Ceetar, who is not racist, sent me some goodies.

First, visit Optimistic Mets Fan for some pics from yesterday’s game including the Mr. O’Met cap.

Then visit this gallery for even more pics including this one…

But wait, there’s more! He sent today’s giveaway…

In other news…

Cerrone says the Mets said the all green O’Met cap (which as a person of Irish descent I could argue is racist – go ahead and tweak the image like that on some other days and watch what happens) will not be for sale.

Speaking of racism….on twitter it has been discovered that Mets fans are racist in one way. Mets fans hate second basemen. You guys didn’t like Kent, Kaz, Alomar, Castillo and even booed Jefferies.

Tonight’s goals: release Castillo on MLB2K10 (no typo, I don’t play enough to get a new one every year, my free time goes to finding alternate caps to post) and to wonder why Terry doesn’t start Shark (he of the 99 fastball and great curve) more often in real life.

One Reply to “Fear of a green hat”

  1. I don’t use this word very often, but those hats are “cute”. And I liked today’s giveaway, except that I had no bag big enough to carry it around in during the game.

    I posted some pictures from yesterday of the Cardinals wearing the ugliest green jerseys in honor of St. Paddy’s Day. I remember when the Mets had an all green jersey that just worked (maybe it had the orange/blue/white racing stripes).

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