Time for Mike Pelfrey to Man Up And Play Better

I absolutely love this phrase.  It so speaks to the core of this team.  Never mind that it was coined by K-Rod’s father-in-law (or whatever that dude is).

Is there a Mets fan out there who does not think that Mike Pelfrey needs to

a) Man Up

b) Play Better

Exactly.  Mike needs to Man Up And Play Better for this to be a successful season.  Terry can’t be going to the bullpen in the 4th inning tonight.

Mike, you’re not the ace, ok?  Now you have no pressure on you (well except for this post and slogan).  Just go out there and throw and stop overthinking everything.   I’d hate to start making Pelfrez typos on the blog.


Thanks to The Apple for being our graphics garage.  How was Randy’s tailgate?

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    1. Which means I was only one degree of separation from talking to Ralph Kiner (Who Ted interviewed later) which is likely as close as I’ll get.

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