Philly newspaper calls Mets fans ‘stinking’

What the heck is wrong with that town? Good to see there is a high level of journalism. You wouldn’t want fat guys covering a team from their basement when you can have paid professionals turning out work like this…

Check out the Philadelphia Daily News:

Dwindling numbers of stinking Mets fans are invading Philly


I have been thinking about this all morning.  Why all the hate?

Why can’t I come to Philly, wear my Mets gear, and mind my own business.

Why can’t I root for my guys from Fairfax Va and and Villa Gonzalez DR to beat your guys from Oakland CA and St. Louis MO at baseball while we spend our disposable income on entertainment?

It’s not as if we are some tribes all from the same square mile and 10 years ago we burnt down your town and stole your women and children.  It’s a bunch of young men hitting a ball with a stick.

I know that the Philadelphia Daily News is not the Phillies and I assume that they don’t speak for all Phillies fans, but I’d love to see someone down there encourage their fellow citizens to treat visitors with respect.  Maybe we could start with the Sunday Philadelphia Daily News and a letter from the editor.


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9 Replies to “Philly newspaper calls Mets fans ‘stinking’”

  1. clearly the author is only going for the shock value of the article

    he’s not suggesting philly fans pull a dodgers vs. giants fan-style of treatment of mets fans, is he?

    1. I agree that it’s just shock – but why go there? Earlier this season I wrote a piece asking Mets fans to treat fellow fans and visiting fans with respect…the Didgers/Giants thing is the extreme. I just don’t get it. So you like the Phillies because your parents raised you in Philly. That’s cool, whatever.

  2. Shannon, first time I’m posting to this site, but your post hits home. I’m a big Mets fan living in Marlton, NJ (20 minutes outside of Filthadelphia) and couldn’t agree with you more. The preoccupation that Phillies fans have with the Mets is startling, almost to the extent that they’d rather see us lose and fail than see their own team win. It’s typical Philly fashion. The so-called “rivalry” from their point of view started after the 2007 season when shockingly, they came out on top. The people from that city listen to the media outlets like its the gospel. They would buy into anything that was said. There is also a huge inferiority complex between Philly and NY that is comical. Being a NY fan, it’s good to know that regardless of my team’s records, they will always garner more national attention than any team in Philly. Their residents cannot swallow that. The worst part about the whole scenario is that Philly is not even anything close to a baseball town. It always has and will be football first.

  3. I am heading out to Wrigly field to see the Mets play in May and was wondering if I should weaqr my Mets gear in the Bleachers?

    The rivalry thing calms down a bit when there is such a big difference between the teams. If anything I think Philly fans would be coming to Shea 2 to see their team since we have so many seats available and they have a hard ticket to get!

    Maybe it is the city of “Brotherly Love”!

  4. Two games I have been to make me NOT wera my team apparrel in a visiting park:

    1) 9-13-86: Met fans flood the Vet on a Saturday night in Philly to see the Mets clinch the NL East for the first time in 13 years. Mets lose 6-5. During the game a near riot breaks out in the left field upper deck…from the other side, I see a short policeman (5 feet 4 at most) in riot gear beating people with a stick and stomping on them.
    2) 8-4-85: Met fans flood Yankee Stadium to see Seaver’s 300th win (I wrote about this earlier in the week). Multiple brwals break out and LF is cleared out by police.

    All it takes is one drunk…

  5. What I want to know is how can they tell when “stinkin Mets fans” invade when the whole city smells? I didn’t read the story (not going to give them my pageview to count), but whatever the article said, the editor who wrote the headline was clearing going for shock value.

    As for Wrigley, I’d say you’d be fine sitting in the reserved sections, but in the bleachers, maybe not so much.

    1. “What I want to know is how can they tell when “stinkin Mets fans” invade when the whole city smells?”

      c’mon now dan…you’re giving the author credit for actually having olfactory skills in addition to writing skills

      neither of which seem to exist

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