Screengrabs of the Mets in blue Los Mets jerseys

Plenty more after the jump.

Please vote with your wallets and let the Mets know we’d love to see a blue alternate in 2012. Ditch The Black!!!!

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  1. Yes at the very least they are blue and orange I do like them as well even with the Los Mets. Maybe…Just maybe this is a trial balloon to see if they are popular then we can get an alternate in the proper color. Maybe we can see the final death to the black scurge!!

  2. where can i buy? look amazing and want to support the blue movement. looked on the mets site, all they had was the $230 one?

    1. So far the link on is all I know. Majestic said on their Facebook page that they would be available at “retail outlets”

      None were at Citi tonight according to tweets. I will look tomorrow.

  3. The blue is so clean (not a outstanding as an orange jersey could be), but a very clean jersey. I do like that they lack the black. My only caveat is the orange piping, I can live with just the script in orange. The royal BPs from the early 90’s reflect that style and looked solid.

    1. You don’t remember the all orange batting practice jerseys from the Kaz Matsui days??? The were awful and that’s why they no longer exist! If they made an exact copy of the 90’s bp jerseys I’d be cool with that. A pullover would be pretty sweet too.

  4. If memory serves me correctly, this “design,” sans “Los,” was part of the uniform survey of a few years ago. It HAS to be a trial run. I hope they become the hottest-selling item quickly. It will spell good news if it does.

  5. I am very encouraged, as are many of you. I had a hunch when I heard blue jersey that there would be no black, as I commented earlier, and it came true. Los Mets though is kind of a novelty jersey to me…I would not spend $229 on it…take the Los off and make this a regular jersey and I would buy one. It looked awesome from the back…would prefer a thicker white outline though on the numbers.

  6. Attended the game tonight. Me & my brother were raving. The unis looked great at Citi. Honestly. Please bring them back as just Mets. I would buy.

  7. Was is “Los Mets” or “LAST Mets”….Perfect game to wear thaem as the final nail was put in the coffin!

    Look good though!

  8. Spiffy! For some reason, I’m starting to like the “Los Mets” inscription. It has a certain weirdness that suits the franchise.

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