New Mets uniforms coming!!!!!!!

“And we had been hearing from fans — and observing on blogs and things like that — of people having a view that they’d like to see more of the blue and orange.”

“We are planning on actually doing some modifications to our uniform palette for next year as part of our 50th anniversary celebration,” Howard said. “That’s something we’ll announce, I think, after the season. The plan is to unveil it in November.”

They missed the cut-off to have blue in 2013 but will wear it from time to time in 2012…with some “1962” type unis next year.  Black ain’t dead but blue is back baby.

Full story on ESPN New York via Adam Rubin.

I am going to celebrate in Times Square and will comment at length later.  I have waited a long long time to post this image.

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  1. Congrats to all who have contributed to this great moment…Shannon, you probably had a big hand in this…thanks! Thanks Mets for listening…you won’t regret it.

    Now that this is not just a dream, here’s my proposed uni lineup for next year’s celebration…

    1) Home traditional pinstripe (please also correct the crooked script)…no dropshadow. Can also serve as a 1969 throwback.

    2) Home blue alt….this is my version:

    3) 1986 Throwback

    For the road, just eliminate dropshadow…and create a road version of the blue alt.

    1. It appears this has to be phased in…Mets didn’t notify MLB in time for 2012…but can still wear on a limited basis in 2012 as throwbacks.

  2. At the end of the story, it says that black isn’t necessarily going anywhere:

    That does not necessarily mean a retirement of the black jerseys. Teams can have multiple official alternates.

    “You wouldn’t be limited. It’s something where we could potentially wear both. I’m not saying what we would decide to do, but we could use both,” Howard said. “The black jersey still is popular at retail, so people are still buying it. It’s still something fans do purchase and do wear. It’s a jersey that we introduced in the ’90s. We did wear it extensively in ’99 and 2000. We won the National League championship, I believe, in 2000 in that jersey. So at this point it does have some historical significance. And, you know, mostly right now we’re just wearing it on the road. We really haven’t worn it much at home.”

    1. Don’t get your hopes up to keep the black….of course they will say that to keep selling black jerseys. It wouldn’t kill me if they still had a black jersey, as long as the others had zero black in them.

  3. On MLB shop, all of the mets current jerseys are reduced – except for the black so that would confirm that black will still be around next year I think.

  4. Black HAS TO BE part of 2012 because as stated in the article, all changes needed to be submitted by March 2011. So the 1962 inspired package will be in for next year as that was already submitted but the blue alts cannot.

    1. Corey,

      My take is that the 1962 package can be worn next year, as some kind of limited use jersey (a la a throwback), but can’t be in effect as a standard uni until 2013. The black is still in the standard set, but can MLB force the Mets to wear it if they didn’t want to? It is an alternate after all.

      1. Actually, the ’62 package can be worn as the primary uniforms next year. They will make the announcement in November. Just like when the announced the cream pinstripe uniforms in Nov. ’09.

  5. Mets Priorities:
    1) Get new owners
    2) Field a winning team
    3) Restock the minor leagues
    4) Keep costs under control
    6) Ditch the Black unis/caps

  6. I’m not popping the cork just yet. Blue jerseys will be awesome, yes, but beyond that, “Modifications to the uniform palette” could mean anything. Remember, these are the same guys who gave us a retro jersey with a drop shadow. I can see them saying, “In honor of the team’s 50th anniversary, we’re retiring the snow whites and returning to pinstripes as the official home jersey.” Then it turns out the pins have the drop shadow and they’re pairing it with a black-trimmed cap.

    Best case: all drop shadows gone, snow whites replaced with blues, all black items retired, blue button returns to the cap.

    Worst case: they throw us a bone on the blue alt, but all the drop shadows stay, and everything else remains unchanged.

    One thing in the article that jumped out at me is if it’s too late to officially add the blues for 2012, how can they still be “planning” the other changes? If the deadline for has passed, then the 2012 unis have to already be done. We just have to wait until November to see them.

  7. finally i cant wait till these unis are unveiled! i wonder if they will put the little ny back on the logo

  8. Congrats Shannon!

    I’m pretty sure the Metspolice movement played a big role in this turn of events and Cerrone’s poll results sealed the deal for Mr.Howard.


    1. Thanks Patrick. Mr. Howard said “blogs” – I don’t want to take credit, but I believe at worst this is the second nosiest blog about unis behind UniWatch, and its possible as a Mets-specific site this place took the lead…but Supreme Commander Lukas is the leader and originator of the discussion.

  9. I have a lot of faith this time for some reason. If they’re returning to a similar 1962 uniform, think of it like this. In going to the cream pins a few years ago, in essence they were returning to old-school unis. Yet they kept the drop shadow. There are only a few more ways to tweak that uniform — shorter sleeves, no drop shadow, change to the cap button and the original scripts (with perhaps the NY returning to the sleeve patch). I’d simply wonder if there would be numbers on the front of the jerseys, as they originally weren’t.

    I’d be shocked if in 2012, we saw black in this new home uniform.

    However, snow whites could still remain as an alternate and have the drop shadows. So be it if it’s on a limited basis.

    On a sincere note, we never would be here without Shannon and Goon’s extremely hard work here. Shannon, thank you for what you’ve been doing for all these years. It’s funny — just a week ago, you’d mentioned the day when this site could be shut down. Might we be on the first step toward that journey?

    Well done brother!

  10. Congrats Shannon!! This is a great moment. I read the artical and I’m going to assume the 50th jerseys will be the pins with no names on back and no number on front. I would be absolutly fine with that. Please blue caps with greys on road ditch that stupid black and blue. The only thing I worry about is Howard just doesnt want to let go of that black jersey and we may see less of it but we will still see it

    1. Thanks Dom – I’m just a noisy fan. Lots of people were commenting, looks like Los Mets saved us! How ironic! The enemy of my enemy is my friend or something like that.

  11. I’m going to be cautiously optimistic until we see the new uniforms. I find the drop shadow far less offensive than the possibility of losing the numbers on the front or the names off the back, so I’m concerned about this talk of “1962” type uniforms.

  12. I really don’t remember no front number or patch except for in pictures. Keep them both.

    Names don’t bother me either…without the dropshadow, Met names look good. For goodness sake though, we don’t need the extra white outline we had in 1995-7. Just a thick orange outline…don’t make it too thin.

    It should be easy…call Majestic in, take them into the Mets Hall of Fame and exactly duplicate the pre-1974 road and the pre 1978 home.

  13. Hey Steve D,

    Great job on comment blasting! 8 out of 25, including the first THREE IN A ROW!! Lol

    Terence M.K.

  14. The news sounds promising about the unis for the 50th anniversary, but still some nagging questions/thoughts.

    If they are copies of the ’62 Mets unis, there won’t be any numbers on the front. I guess I could see it for the anniversary season of 2012, but the jerseys do look better with a front number.

    Hopefully the number type on the road unis will be the block numbers of the old days.

    As for no names on the jerseys, would love to see that. But doesn’t the National League still have the rule that names have to be on the Road Jerseys of all NL teams….or was that waived?

    Still, a pleasant day for this Mets fan!

    1. I didn’t know about that NL rule? I prefer no names but don’t want to fight that battle here in the 21st century.

      As for no number on the front…either way fine. I’m more interested in a nice look than a carbon copy of 50 years ago.

  15. “And we had been hearing from fans — and observing on blogs and things like that — of people having a view that they’d like to see more of the blue and orange.”

    you think he meant this blog?

    1. I don’t know what blogs Mr. Howard was referring to. He has personally told me (on the phone) he reads Mets Police, and I do tend to mention uniforms 80,000 times a week. Could be.

  16. I will also be cautiously optimistic about this one as well. The Mets have screwed up so many good things in the past that any proposed changes to the uni makes me honestly nervous. My proposal…Just kill the black altogether on everything…Thats it! No drop shadows…No stupid hybrid…no revised black logo…Just Ditch it…KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid!)

    1. Pinstriped 1962 Uniform. Blue fitted.
    2. Gray 1962 Road Uniform. Blue fitted.


    Is victory at hand Shannon?…Only time will tell!

  17. If you go to the link and scroll down, there’s the article about how Teufel is facing his son who’s pitching for Toledo. Could they have got a worse picture of his kid? He obviously just had blood work done at the time of the photo. He has the gauze in the elbow crook and the freaking rubber cord is still around his arm. And the jersey he’s wearing looks like a hospital robe with a Tiger logo. Did anyone else notice?

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