Uni Watch: no drop shadow on 2012 Mets home uniforms

Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in the War to Ditch the Black (that’s a long title) Paul Lukas reports on Uni Watch:

According to multiple sources, all of whom I trust, the black drop shadow will not be appearing on the Mets’ home uniforms next season. Halle-freakin’-lujah!

That’s great!

We still don’t know many pieces of the puzzle.

Will they wear pinstripes at home? Are we getting pinless but somehow retro-ish?

What about numbers on the front as Paul mentions?

What happens on the road?

What about the hybrid caps? Black caps?

One man’s guesses, based upon nothing:

Pinstripes and blues at home. The pinless stay in rotation so they can return as primary in 2013. Again just a guess.

Still the wild west on the road with plenty of black to keep me in my place.

Much more on Uni Watch.

I’m going to go find out how we can rent a subway car for the signing of the Treaty of Flushing.

And so I find myself one step closer to the end of my journey.  The stated goal has been to shut down the blog once the Mets win the World Series while dressed nicely.  I don’t want the Mets Police to devolve into bugging the Mets about the fonts on the pocket schedules.

Could it be that in 14 months I post some pictures of a champagne-drenched David Wright?  Or will they win it all on the road wearing black behind RA Dickey, forcing me to blog another year (or 25)?

Maybe Dave from Flushing will continue to feel nostalgic and trot out a Banner Day and/or Old Timers’ Day as part of the 1962 feel good..thus crossing off a few other items.  Wouldn’t it be great if Dave takes away my reasons for existing?

Think about it – how much did I complain about Los Mets?  Yet, it’s Los Mets that have brought us to this place.  It’s like the Cylons helping the Galactica find Earth.

I feel like Adama, looking around at all the Cylons, with Earth out the window…wondering what do I do now?  It’s a wonderful place to be.

When the new jerseys arrive, what should I buy?  I already own a Mazzilli (it has dropshadow, I’m a blogger not a millionaire).   Murphy?  Niese?  New Cool Trendy Free Agent?  Stearns?

I think I am going to meet up with General Lukas.  That will be like a date. What do I wear? I can’t wear anything with dropshadow – he and his friends will beat me up in the schoolyard.

I could go with the dropshadowless road jersey I bought off Goon, but what if it turns out to be some crazy Chinese knockoff?

I’m thinking I go with 83 Seaver.  It speaks to who I am, and it’s “official” so even if there’s something inaccurate on it it’s not my fault.  The downside is that it’s a pullover so I will look fatter and frumpier…but then again this isn’t actually a date.  (Thanks for today’s shout-out Paul!)

My other idea is to go Swoosh Jersey.  Then he’ll know I’m in it just for fun.


11 Replies to “Uni Watch: no drop shadow on 2012 Mets home uniforms”

  1. The best news yet.

    Imagine the benefits of wearing a home pinstripe with no dropshadow…you could go to MLB.com and make your own pretty authentic throwback…make a number 41…make a Mazzilli…make a Gil Hodges. It will look pretty good (name on the back or not is an issue for a later date). Mitchell and Ness authenticity has deteriorated to where I wouldn’t buy one. Same applies for the roads…please use the old varsity number font.


  2. I know I’m probably over extending here, but I am hopeing the pinless goes into the ash heap as well. And please..PLEASE!! blue caps and socks on the road with the greys.

  3. Regarding buying the 2012 Mets jersey, should there be names on the back of them (which I hope will not be the case), why not put your surname on it along with either 62 or 50? The players on the field change constantly, but you, as a lifelong Mets fan, are the part of the team that is constant.

    1. I like your point…as an owner of a number 16 mesh BP in 1985, so 2 years later my idol could be in rehab.

    1. maybe…black absorbs the most heat in the dog days…not a good choice based on that alone.

  4. Blue jerseys, no dropshadow. Two down, one to go.

    Interesting take on the snow whites. I would not be surprised the days of either those or the black tops are numbered. MLB would probably go for them designating the black tops as road only, thus giving them 1 road alt and 2 home alts once the blues become official, but going back to a 5 jersey setup would be counterproductive to what appears to be an attempt to finally leave Crazy Town.

  5. Classic pinstriped unis with no black – Just the way they should look! Now if we can get Mr. Howard and the rest of the leadership to scrap the black jerseys/hats/sleeves/socks and the black & blue hats, we can see our favorite team look classy at home AND on the road.
    In the words of Crash Davis, “If you look classy, you’ll be classy.”
    I think there are many, many Mets fans feeling a bit more optimistic right now!

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