Thoughts on the new Mets ticket pricing and options (part 1)

Good morning Mets fans.  In case you missed it, the Mets have announced new ticket pricing and options.

If this topic bores you take the day off from visiting Mets Police.  I’m going to have many posts about it as we break things down, I’ll comment on the Dave Howard call I was part of (Hi Dave!) and that leads me to some commentary about the current state of the Mets Blogosphere which I’ll save for the afternoon.

First up – let’s look at the call with Dave Howard.  Matt Cerrone’s Mets Blog has a recap of the call, and since we have shared a beer or two over the years I think he won’t mind if I excerpt at length.

When I go on these calls I try to have several questions, because I don’t want to wind up with nothing to ask.  I was late to RSVP so I went last.  As it turned out, Matt led off with one the questions I considered…

I asked Howard if he thinks some fans will feel ‘boxed out,’ if the team is doing well and ticket prices go up now that they’ve implemented ‘dynamic pricing.’ He said there will be plenty of tickets on sale that will be priced in the typical peak and off-peak pricing they’ve used in the past. He says upward adjustments will be dictated by the team (or competition) ‘being hot,’ but that will be off set by times when the opposite is true. He didn’t actually answer my question, but the concept is interesting and certainly nets out in the wash. I just worry that, while ALL fans will be able to afford tickets as prices come down in games with less demand, now only people with deep pockets will be able afford tickets for the most exciting, late-season games.

I think that’s a good point by Matt.  Sure you can now afford Tuesday night Mets-Nationals…but when a game gets hot you might not be able to go.

I think we understand the ticket floor (see the post below this one) but I’m still unclear as to the ceiling.

Much more to come….busy day here…keep checking back as we’ll get into where your cheap season tickets are and what I learned about the partial-plans.

You hear me say it a lot but the Mets are the most awesome topic for blogging ever.  While I had a good stash of generic stuff ready to go thanks to some awesome finds by Dan, what should have been a quiet day (and man we had a good topic rolling with the Statue Talk) turned into a gangbusters kind of day. I’ll probably get all of today and half of tomorrow off this topic.

Thanks to Dave Howard for taking the time to talk to the bloggers.  It’s very cool that he does that.


SPACE-TIME ANOMALY UPDATE:  10:45pm last night.

I just spent a good solid two hours posting items for today.  Basically there’s a new post every half hour. We’re going to dive in deep.

Major thanks to @CoreyNYC for the hook-up on a lot of the information today.  Most of the posts that are to come, especially around lunch-time are the direct result if his hookup.