Treaty of Flushing Signed: Mets remove black, return Banner Day

To:  All members of The Blue Cap Army

From:  Lt. General Shark

Re: Cessation of Hostilities.

On this date, the 16th of November, 2011, 50 years to the day the Mets originally introduced the skyline logo, I call for an immediate stop to all complaining about uniforms.

Earlier today, David Howard presented the new Mets Uniforms for 2012 at a special ceremony in Queens. Fittingly, the voice of the Mets Howie Rose was on hand.

Mr. Howard also has brought back Banner Day.

I hereby call upon all my followers to cease all complaining about uniforms and Banner Day.  There is to be little to no discussion of blue buttons or Wilpon Scripts.

I have much to tell you in the upcoming hours and days.  What you need to know now is:

– the pinstriped jerseys are restored as the primary home uniform with a blue cap.  These jerseys are officially “ivory” and casually called off-white.

– the “hybrid” cap is discontinued as a current item

– the road jersey will be paired with a blue cap.

– the pinless jersey is now the alt and will be paired with a blue cap.  These are “sno-white” (not sure of the spelling) but are a different shade than the pinstriped versions.

– the blue caps have a 50th anniversary logo on the back as seen on this consumer model .

– the undergarments will be blue (if not orange – see David Wright).  They will not be black.

– black jerseys will occassionally be worn, probably on the road, as a nod to what I call Generation Piazza.

– Banner Day will be a single game unless weather forces a doubleheader.  The date is not yet announced.

All followers are instructed to finacially support this move to blue.  Together, we have fought for this day for 4 years.  I call upon you to support this move with your wallets.  Let us sell out Banner Day.  Let us ask our loved ones for new jerseys as holiday gifts.  Let us support the Mets.  Let us all be true to the orange and blue.  Let us back our words with action.

As your leader I have made the first purchases.  I do not ask you to spend your money without spending my own money.

Today, VB Day, is a great day.

Let us thank David Howard and the Wilpons.

Let us thank our friends in Media Relations for inviting us to the ceremony.  Let us thank Paul Lukas for leading this movement.

Let us thank Media Goon and Dan and Osh41 for pitching in on the site.

Let us thank Matt Cerrone and the other bloggers who have supported our cause with links.  Let us thank each other for shouting out loud and long until we were heard.

Now, we lay down our arms and move forward.  I have been honored to be considered an influential member of this movement.  Thank you for your support.

I have much to tell you in these next hours and days.  Keep reading.

36 Replies to “Treaty of Flushing Signed: Mets remove black, return Banner Day”

  1. Call m a rebel — I like the black alternate uniforms, black shadow and black caps. To each his own.

    1. I’m with you. Hope that the 2012 retro-celebratory uniforms are just for the 50th Anniversary. Hoping to see black back in the picture in 2013.

      1. I’m glad the Mets are going back to their original colors. These new “retro” uniforms look great! Here’s hoping the Islanders return to their blue and orange roots, too.

  2. Congratulations Shannon…your hard work paid off. And discussing the thing I’m not supposed to mention, on the Wright jersey, the script looks corrected to me.

    So what should I buy? I own a 1997 road jersey…aside from having a Russell logo, I don’t see any difference with the new one, so I won’t buy that. I have a Seaver M&N that looks just like the new pinstripe…I just bought a 1962 style cap, so the cap is out. I don’t know why the snow white exists…I want to buy a blue jersey. Any pics of it?

    1. I’m going through the same dilemma on what to buy – my brain is so full right now. I got a pinless today because I don’t own that. I’ll prob go Mets Police as the name on the pinstripes..(do I go 86? 12?)…and road I dunno yet.

  3. I do have one question. Regarding the black alternate jerseys, will the Mets be wearing their all-black caps with those? I ask because anytime I read anything about the unis, it stated that the Mets will “Only wear blue caps”.

    This is truly a great day.

  4. Great day, as for myself I will do my best to buy at least a garment or two. I dig the 50th anniversary cap as well.

  5. This feels like the part in Field of Dreams when Ray says to Shoeless Joe, “it was you”, only to be answered by Joe Jackson, “No, Ray, it was YOU.” Today, it was you Shannon. Your crusade to get this team back to its true orange and blue is quite an accomplishment and this Met fan is excited by seeing someone make a difference. Party like it’s 1986. Maybe we will see the blue jerseys without the Los on it too.

  6. Generale,
    May I continue to wear the black Mets hoodie I got as a gift in the middle years of the war, or should I pile it with the other weapons now that war is over. Putting it in the Goodwill bag is a small price to pay for defeating a foe with unlimited resources, access to the largest manufacturing centers, and an uncountable army of pawns. It’s too bad it took a general staff more incompetent than the pre-Grant Union Army to run the club into the ground to get to this, but we are whole again. And we’ll run the colors high come Banner Day! The Rebels won.
    [exit to Ken Burns Civil War music–Ashokan Farewell ]

  7. Helluva Job Shannon !!

    They should’ve brought you up on that stage instead of Duda. You’ve done more for this franchise then he ever will.

  8. Congrats!

    It’s times like this I wish photographs of you existed so I could do some epic celebratory photoshopping.

    What did the hat set you back?

  9. As soon as I spotted the email I jetted over to MP to see the celebration. Wow this stuff is great. Let’s hope they stick with it once the anni is over though.

  10. I believe this is the first home jersey since 1990 that has just a blue number and orange outline. In 1991, they added a white outline…then in 1998, well you know.

  11. Shannon,

    The only jerseys I’ve bought in the last 14 years were the 86 throwback they wore in 2006 and a blue replica 83 BP jersey.

    Thanks to your hard work and dedication to this, I can once again enjoy wearing current Mets gear.

  12. What an amazin’ victory! What are you going to do with all your free time now that you don’t have to complain about unis or lack of banner day? Guess you’ll have to start working on that banner!

  13. Does anybody know if they have presented a new dugout jacket? I’m curious to see what they will look like.

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